Angeline Gillings, Renowned Business Strategist, Delivers Keynote on Generational Collaboration at FSCPM Symposium

Angeline Gillings, the influential founder of AMP-G LLC and a prominent figure in strategic business coaching, recently enlightened an audience of professionals at the Florida Society of Certified Managers (FSCPM) State Symposium. Addressing a vital topic, “Multi-generations in the Workplace: Maximize Collaboration, Minimize Conflict,” Gillings shared her extensive insights on fostering productive intergenerational dynamics in professional settings.

As one of four distinguished presenters on October 20, 2023, Gillings explored the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the current workforce’s generational diversity, ranging from Builders to Gen Z. Her presentation emphasized the significance of empathetic leadership in leveraging the distinctive strengths of each generation, advocating for a workplace environment where diverse perspectives and skills are harmoniously integrated.

Angeline’s address highlighted the competitive advantages of this approach, especially with the lessons learned from those with many years of experience and the younger groups with unorthodox ideas for problem-solving

Gillings discussed the five generations currently active in the workforce: Builders (1929-1945), Boomers (1946-1964), Gen X (1965-1982), Millennials (1983-2000), and Gen Z (2001-2015). She pointed out that each group offers distinct insights and approaches, contributing to innovative solutions, enhanced adaptability, improved communication, a broader skill set, and increased customer engagement.

“Understanding and respecting the unique set of skills and strengths within a multi-generational group is crucial,” said Gillings.

“When leaders honor and respect these differences, they win the hearts of their team members, showing that they are understood, valued, and genuinely known.”

Gillings also shared practical tips for building generational bridges, including utilizing various communication methods and supporting “reverse mentoring” groups. She emphasized that effective collaboration across generations reduces misunderstandings and conflicts, thereby fostering a more resilient and adaptable team.

“There is as much to LEARN as there is to TEACH across generations,” she quoted, adapting from Gloria Steinem to reinforce the symposium’s theme. Gillings further noted that understanding and respecting generational differences is crucial for leaders to truly connect with their teams.

About Angeline Gillings:

With a career spanning over 30 years, Angeline Gillings is a visionary business coach and senior leader recognized for her innovative strategies in strategic marketing particularly with consumer-packaged products. Her work, characterized by delivering multi-million-dollar growth through engaged global teams, has established her as a leader in her field.

Angeline is deeply passionate about empowering individuals to realize their full potential, emphasizing the importance of living a fulfilling life alongside achieving professional success. Her philosophy extends to her personal life, where her family, including adult children Brad-Oneal and Trishanne and their partners, remains her central focus. Known for her integrity, honesty, and respect, Gillings embodies these values in every facet of her life.

Widely referred to as ‘Your Business Archangel,’ Angeline stands out for her empathetic and passionate approach to leadership, supporting and uplifting leaders and teams towards both professional success and personal fulfillment. Her cultural awareness and international respect make her a sought-after executive, leader, and speaker.

The session at the FSCPM Symposium was well-received, with attendees gaining valuable insights into creating cohesive and productive multi-generational teams. Gillings’ presentation underscored the importance of curiosity and respect in bridging generational gaps, fostering an environment of continuous learning and harmonious collaboration.

About AMP-G LLC:
AMP-G LLC, led by Angeline Gillings, offers specialized services in leadership development and strategic business planning. The company focuses on empowering leaders and teams to excel in today’s diverse and dynamic business environment.

About FSCPM:
The Florida Society of Certified Managers is dedicated to enhancing the skills and knowledge of managers across various industries in Florida. Through resources, networking, and educational events like the State Symposium, FSCPM plays a pivotal role in advancing managerial excellence.