Author and Business Coach, Nina Hershberger, Hits Amazon Best Seller And Hot New Release Lists with her newest book “How to Double Your Profits Without Spending a Dime “

Author and Business Coach Nina Hershberger‘s recent release, How to Double Your Profits Without Spending a Dime hit’s best seller list on May 20, 2022, climbing all the way to #1  in Managerial Accounting and Hot New Release in Accounting.

How To Double Your Profits Without Spending a Dime is a gold mine of valuable, no (and in some cases low) cost ideas. In less than 90 days you can be on the way to doubling your profits with the tips inside this book. In this book you’ll learn

  • The 3 numbers that are key to doubling your profits
  • The single best way to increase profits
  • Why increasing revenue can actually hurt your profits
  • How to avoid the thing 9 out of 10 business owners do that almost guarantees lower profits

In response to the book hitting #1 , Hershberger stated, “”Doubling profits without spending money is easy if you focus on 3 numbers. I wrote this book to help business owners have a roadmap to making that happen.

With the recent inflation trend, How to Double Your Profits Without Spending a Dime’s subject matter is a hot topic and a must read for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.


Nina Hershberger has been in marketing throughout her three decade professional career—even when her job description said otherwise. During her corporate years she worked in positions as diverse as Director of Output Services for a financial company (where she lead a team of 25 who were responsible to print and mail 9 million pieces per month) and the University of Notre Dame where she created her first million dollar mailing. Today Hershberger works with small to medium sized companies to increase their bottom line by hundreds of thousands of dollars (and in some cases, millions) through she wrote about in her newest book: 30 Minute Marketing: How to Double Your Profits Without Spending a Dime.

The book can be found on Amazon at