Author Debbie Papadakis, RP, CHt Celebrates Launch Of New Book With Free Download Offer To Website Visitors

Her latest book, The Relationship Code: Heal Your Wounded Heart, offers sound advice in the areas of relationships, self-help and personal growth, drawing on her 25+ years of grounded experience helping people in private practice, as well as her extensive education, training, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, energy healing and coaching.  In support of her book launch, for a limited time Papadakis is offering a free download of the first three chapters of The Relationship Code to all visitors to her website,

According to the author, “The Relationship Code demystifies why some relationships flourish while others are destined for failure. If you want to understand the state of your relationships and how to heal and transform your relationships and your life, read this book!”

In these free chapters, Papadakis introduces the topic of relationships in a comprehensive yet groundbreaking way that reveals her own breadth and depth of wisdom and experience on the topic. Website visitors enjoying this free download can expect to learn more about Papadakis as a therapist and author, while also getting a glimpse of a profound new way of working with and transforming relationships.

The Relationship Code was written to help those who are struggling in their relationships and to find the love and happiness they seek. As Papadakis writes in one the free chapters, relationships are one of the most fundamental influences on human lives, impacting all on a very deep level.  Papadakis has crafted a thorough and expansive investigation into how relationships affect us, while also offering practical advice on how to heal our relationships, and ourselves.

Within the free downloadable chapters, Papadakis breaks down the essentials of relationships to readers in a clear way. She offers help to those who are struggling via questions and tools they can use to analyze why they have failed to succeed personally and professionally—and how they might change this. Blending real life stories along with a rich understanding of both the energy and science of what happens to us in relationships, The Relationship Code will enlighten and inform on all levels. 

About Debbie Papadakis: As a registered Psychotherapist, award-winning clinical Hypnotherapist and Relationship Coach, Debbie Papadakis has helped many people find happiness and improve their personal relationships. Her new book, The Relationship Code: Healing The Wounded Heart, seeks to help readers explore ways to evaluate, understand and heal their relationships with family and friends, colleagues, and, most importantly, themselves.

For more information and to obtain your free download, visit Debbie’s website,