Author Devon Michael Sangiovanni Publishes First Children’s Book to International Acclaim

(NEW YORK). Devon Michael Sangiovanni, a former children’s songwriter and lyricist, has unveiled his first children’s book: “He Loves Me! He Truly Loves Me! Mupsie and Me and How We Came to Be.” This heartwarming tale marks the beginning of The Mupsie Series, written to share the love that Devon has received with children of all ages around the world.

Devon’s journey from talented musician to celebrated author is a testament to the transformative power of love and creativity. His decision to share his lyrical gifts through the written word has opened doors to a world of imagination and wonder for children everywhere.

In this beautifully illustrated book, Devon takes readers on a journey through his own life-changing experience. As fate would have it, his world was forever transformed when he crossed paths with a little furball kitten he named Mupsie, described as “a tiny, little furball kitten with big, beautiful blue eyes and a heart to match!”

The author’s deep connection with his feline companion is evident in every word he writes. Inspired by this incredible bond, Devon says, “I decided to turn my lyrical gifts to publishing and share with children of all ages around the world all the love that was so generously given to me!” Through his storytelling, Devon hopes to spread love, compassion, and empathy among young readers, fostering a sense of understanding and kindness.

A central message of the book is the power of hope, and prayer. “There are different religions, different faiths,” Devon said in a recent interview. “We need to bring it back to love and kindness, gentleness and charity. Can we join together and start something that can help other people? I want to help people all around the world. Let’s come together instead of breaking apart.”

“He Loves Me! He Truly Loves Me!” is published by Balboa Press, a renowned publishing house dedicated to promoting uplifting and inspirational literature. With their support, Devon’s book has garnered international acclaim, touching the hearts of readers across the globe.

Devon Michael Sangiovanni is a former children’s songwriter who honed his musical talents under the guidance of a piano prodigy just outside of New York City for nine years. With a natural gift for lyrics, Devon’s life took a remarkable turn when he welcomed a tiny furball kitten into his life. This furry companion, with its mesmerizing blue eyes and loving heart, ignited Devon’s creative journey into publishing. Through his heartfelt storytelling, Devon aims to share the love that was so generously given to him with children and readers worldwide.

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