Award success for public speaker and high performance coach

High performance coach Moses Nalocca has been named Best Transformational Speaker for 2023.

The 39-year-old received the international accolade at the Professional Speakers Academy Annual Awards, which were held in Hounslow, London, on Saturday, November 18. Moses works with entrepreneurs, business leaders and sports stars to help them achieve their goals and his mindset work with Bulgarian athlete Ivet Goranova helped her achieve the country’s first Olympic gold medal in 13 years.

Moses, who lives in London, was chosen out of a long list of inspiring public speakers to receive the award. And he said that learning the art of public speaking has transformed his life as an entrepreneur, allowing him to share his message with many people at once.

He said: “I am deeply honoured to receive the award for Best Transformational Speaker of 2023. I want to dedicate it to my partner, team, client and coaches but I give special thanks to all the people who allowed me, through my voice and through my story, to get into their hearts and lives.

“I am deeply grateful to do what I love and make an impact on this world at the same time.”

This is not the first time Moses has won a Professional Speakers Academy award. In last year’s ceremony, he was named Sales Person of the Year and also given a special 7-figure award in recognition of his achievement of making more than £1,000,000 in the training industry.

Moses first came to the UK from Italy in 2016 with just 15 euros in his pocket, having to work in a minimum wage job to make ends meet. But his excellent communication skills and positive mindset allowed him to forge a successful career as a public speaker and coach.

He added: “Public speaking is the fastest way to grow your business. Earlier on in my career, I was doing door-to-door sales, which is selling one-to-one. With public speaking, I can convey my message one to many and make a real impact so it has allowed me to scale my business as an entrepreneur.”

The Professional Speakers Academy was founded by Andy Harrington 11 years ago to help entrepreneurs learn how to boost their business, while giving value to their audience with interesting and entertaining presentations.