Award-Winning Author and Artist Amanda Denham Launches Novel to Promote Mental Health Awareness Among Young Adults

Amanda Denham, an accomplished American author and artist, is set to make waves in the world of young adult fiction with her new book, “Sin Eater: Memories Disappear When She Arrives.” Published by Dawn Publishing, this urban fantasy novel not only promises an engaging story but also aims to promote mental health awareness, particularly among young adults.

Amanda Denham, who resides in Alabama, found solace in drawing and storytelling as a teenager, using them as outlets to express feelings she couldn’t articulate otherwise. As she embarked on her journey to adulthood and attended therapy, Amanda recognized the profound impact her adolescent experiences had on her life. Inspired by her own traumatic memories, she penned “Sin Eater,” a novel that explores themes of grief, memories, and amnesia.

“Sin Eater” doesn’t just deliver a captivating narrative; it also features black and white drawings created by Amanda herself, providing readers with a unique and visually stunning experience. The novel’s content and illustrations work in harmony to address the importance of mental health awareness, particularly among teenagers and young adults.

Dawn Publishing, known for publications creating positive social change, recognized the significance of Amanda Denham’s work in the context of mental health advocacy among the youth. Dawn Bates, the founder of Dawn Publishing, believes that Amanda’s writing style, realistic characters, and dialogue make “Sin Eater” a must-read for schools across the English-speaking world.

“We felt it was such an important story, and Amanda Denham is such a great advocate for mental health in today’s youth that signing her up was a no-brainer,” commented Dawn Bates. “Amanda’s artwork and writing style, coupled with the book’s easy-flowing narrative, will encourage teenagers to explore their own journeys and share them with friends and family.”

Amanda Denham’s goal with “Sin Eater” goes beyond writing a compelling story. She seeks to spread her message, her books, and her art to as many people as possible. Her brand personality reflects positivity, sincerity, creativity, and spirited determination.

The primary objective of this endeavor is to create brand awareness for both Denham’s written work and her illustrations, showcasing her unique ability to blend captivating storytelling with the promotion of mental health awareness. As a secondary goal, Amanda aims to increase book sales, have her books in more libraries and schools, and reach a wider audience through book signings and author events.

A human-interest angle adds depth to this story, emphasizing Dawn Publishing’s mission, and the Founder Dawn Bates and Amanda Denham’s commitment to using literature as a means of fostering social change. They believe in crafting books that make complex subjects accessible and engaging, all while providing healing and insight to their readers.

With “Sin Eater: Memories Disappear When She Arrives,” Denham invites readers on a journey where fantasy meets reality, and mental health awareness subtly takes center stage. This elegant blend of storytelling and artwork is set to make a profound impact on the world of young adult fiction and mental health advocacy, making her a rising star to watch.

To pre-order your e-reader copy visit and to learn more about Amanda Denham and her latest novel, “Sin Eater,” due to be released as a paperback 3rd March, visit Dawn Publishing’s website