Black Female Author Shares Story of the Life and Death of Her Mother, an Infamous D.C. Crime Boss


(Washington, D.C.) The Making of a BO$$ is the true story of an underworld D.C. crime boss, shared from the unique perspective of her daughter. The story of the life and death of “Lady D,” as she was known, is told by her daughter Chelley Roy in this intriguing and inspiring novel. The Making of a BO$$ has recently been made available for purchase on Amazon.

In the book, Roy explores the life of “Lady D,” both as a mother and a notorious crime boss. When she passes away unexpectedly, Roy takes her mother’s murder investigation into her own hands as she tries to come to terms with her death.

“It was extremely difficult losing my mother, and I was frustrated by the slowness and ineffectiveness of the detectives looking into her case,” explained Roy. “I couldn’t let her just be another statistic, so I took matters into my own hands. I started running my own investigation, while also trying to keep my family safe from the murderers/neighbors who lived among us next door.” Roy ultimately became involved in one of the biggest trials of the century.

Despite the many traumas, abuses and setbacks that Roy faced in her life, she overcame them. She found her passion by helping to inspire, motivate and uplift women through one-on-one coaching and guidance. The Making of a BO$$ details this journey of healing and success which led to Roy becoming an entrepreneur, as well as the CEO and founder of the lifestyle coaching brand Get Tea Waisted.

About Chelley Roy: Chelley Roy is an author who grew up in Washington D.C., where she went on to complete her education with a Business Degree in Computer Information Systems from Strayer University. In addition to being an author, Chelley is also a successful entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of the lifestyle coaching brand Get Tea Waisted. To learn more, go to her website or follow her on Instagram