Black Point Capital Partners’ Craig Murrin Shares Insights on Financial Planning for Brits in America on Vegas Business Spotlight Podcast

In the latest episode of Vegas Business Spotlight, Craig Murrin, Founder of Black Point Capital Partners, discusses his journey in the financial planning sector and the unique challenges and opportunities he has encountered in serving the British community in America. The episode sheds light on the importance of understanding the financial footprint of Brits living in the United States and offers valuable insights for those seeking expert advice in navigating their financial planning needs.

Vegas Business Spotlight, the podcast that illuminates the vibrant business landscape of Las Vegas, is proud to feature Craig Murrin, Founder of Black Point Capital Partners, in its latest episode. Host Tim Nifton engages in an in-depth conversation with Murrin, exploring his extensive experience in the financial planning sector and his deep understanding of the unique needs of Brits residing in the United States.

Originally from Bristol, UK, Murrin has had a diverse and successful career in the financial planning industry. With a global reach and wealth of experience, he brings a different level of expertise to the table. Murrin’s international background and work with expats in the Middle East have equipped him with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by Brits living in America.

Murrin’s passion for helping Brits understand their British financial footprint in the US sets him apart from other financial advisors. He specializes in guiding clients through the complexities of managing their British pensions, investments, and retirement plans while living abroad. Murrin’s expertise fills a crucial gap in the market, ensuring that Brits receive tailored financial advice that takes into account their unique circumstances.

One of the key insights Murrin shares in the episode is the importance of networking. He emphasizes the value of building meaningful relationships and actively seeking opportunities to help others. Murrin believes that networking is essential for business growth and advises entrepreneurs to focus on giving selflessly. By genuinely listening to others’ needs and actively seeking ways to assist, entrepreneurs can expand their network and create valuable connections.

Murrin’s commitment to giving back extends beyond his professional endeavors. He actively supports animal welfare organizations, with a particular focus on the Nevada SPCA. Murrin believes in being the voice for animals and ensuring they receive the care and support they need.

Reflecting on his own journey, Murrin shares a mantra that has guided him throughout his career: “No matter what happens, every day will keep coming, and you’ve just gotta rise above it and work through it.” This positive outlook has helped him overcome challenges and maintain a resilient mindset.

In addition to his financial planning services, Murrin is excited to announce an upcoming webinar on November 11th, which will focus on helping clients reduce future taxes. The webinar aims to provide a platform for individuals to ask questions and gain valuable financial planning insights. Murrin’s dedication to educating and assisting his clients sets him apart as a trusted advisor in the industry.

The Vegas Business Spotlight podcast continues to bring the brightest minds and success stories from Las Vegas’ bustling business scene. Listeners can expect to be inspired by the stories of entrepreneurs who have turned dreams into reality on this iconic stage. To listen to the full episode featuring Craig Murrin and gain valuable insights into financial planning for Brits in America, visit Vegas Business Spotlight’s website or subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform.


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