Brent Hines, Co-founder, and Executive Director of the Foundation for Financial Wellness, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Brent Hines discusses Financial Wellness and how Financial Professionals can harness this movement to better serve their clients. 

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Financial wellness is rooted in a methodology that focuses on a person’s total well-being. It brings together disciplines found in wellness, coaching, psychology, and most importantly, the behavioral sciences. In today’s complex economic environment, achieving and maintaining financial security can be difficult without taking proactive steps to improve one’s financial well-being. Financial wellness aims to help individuals manage their finances proactively so they can experience greater peace of mind and stability in all aspects of their lives.

Brent explained: “Financial professionals are now learning how to play a critical role in helping their clients achieve financial well-being by providing guidance and support through various strategies such as financial education, private counseling, and technology solutions. A well-trained financial professional looks, sounds, and acts more like a professional coach than a traditional financial advisor.”

Anyone in the financial industry has likely experienced how the financial wellness industry is growing fast and furious, often resembling a modern-day version of the wild west, as everyone seems to be using the term “Financial Wellness”, but not being consistent in what exactly it means. Candidly, far too many professionals in the financial world are simply using the term to try and pitch more of their products or services.

The Foundation for Financial Wellness is an advocate for the financial professional who is looking to establish a new standard level of excellence as a Financial Wellness Professional.


About Brent Hines

What do you do when life’s advantages disappear? Brent Hines knows firsthand the overwhelm and frustration that comes from years of searching for the formula of a high-performing life.

In July of 2008, Brent lost everything, and the worst part…it was his fault. His career, his dreams, his identity, and his future disappeared overnight.

Today, Brent is an advocate for the financial industry, financial professionals, and especially the clients they serve by sharing his motivational redemption story. Brent is one of the industry’s most prominent voices in establishing a financial wellness standard, and a high one at that.

Brent’s mission is to re-educate the marketplace on what is and is not Financial Wellness. Brent and his educational non-profit, Foundation for Financial Wellness are driven to improve millions of people’s lives with a values-driven purpose. Brent’s stance is clear: when he says Financial Wellness…he means both words.

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