Changing The Narrative By Starting The Conversation, New Author Paige-Johnson Serjue Releases Book To Help Millennials Challenge Stereotypes

Break free of the bullsh*t: A Millennial Empowerment Guide is an easy to digest, straightforward book intended to motivate Millennials to stop listening to the negative voice in their head, diminish social media comparisons and realize they have the power to create their desired life.

“I hope this book will help change the narrative in which Millennials are viewed but also how we view ourselves. My book is one of the few lifestyle guides for Millennials by a Millennial that forces you to take action via reflective activities and a blunt approach. I quickly become that voice in your head telling you ‘you can do it’ and gives that extra push to transform your life.” says Johnson-Serjue.

The goal of the book is to empower the Millennial generation both personally and professionally (along with other generations however, Millennials are the focus).

Johnson-Serjue is transparent and incorporates her own experiences (good and bad) into the book. While most other self-help and motivation books provide a temporary change, this book challenges the reader to take action through the question/answer components and journaling prompts.

The wrote earlier in 2020 “Millennials entered the workforce during the worst downturn since the Great Depression. Saddled with debt, unable to accumulate wealth, and stuck in low-benefit, dead-end jobs, they never gained the financial security that their parents, grandparents, or even older siblings enjoyed. They are now entering their peak earning years in the midst of an economic cataclysm more severe than the Great Recession, near guaranteeing that they will be the first generation in modern American history to end up poorer than their parents.”

Johnson-Serjue is challenging the truth of that ominous guarantee and offering Millennials, their younger Gen Z counterparts, their Gen X parents, and their employers an alternative outcome through recognizing the advantages of being / working with Millennials.

You’ve read a bunch of self help books, maybe reposted some quotes or tagged your friends in some motivational videos, and then what? Nothing.This book will actually make a difference in your life, if you let it. This book is for the excuse making, self doubting procrastinator that has goals and wants to escape the life of mediocrity but needs help getting unstuck. You my friend, are destined for greatness and that journey begins today! Far from sugar coated, break free of the bullsh*t forces you to unlock who you’re meant to be! Confronting fears, overcoming traumas and bringing self reflection to a new level is only the tip of the iceberg! These chapters (called phases) will dive into topics like the power of social media, breaking the cycle and your own toxic behaviour which will leave you embracing your uncertainties and becoming more enlightened.

Life changing and highly recommended, regardless of your age.
* AJ S

Engaging, interactive and a motivating read! I couldn’t put it down! 5 stars!
* Aliah J

The reality check you’ve been waiting for!
* Debbie Y

Paige’s technique and approach isn’t your everyday narrative. She hits us with her own truth along with mini exercises to self reflect.
* Schenelle D

Paige Johnson-Serjue is a burger-loving, wine-indulging cool Mom that uses her ‘gift of gab’ aka motivational speaking platform, Paige1ofSome to empower the millennial generation both personally and professionally. She’s unfiltered but compassionate and genuinely gives a sh*t about changing the narrative surrounding this generation.

Paige Johnson-Serjue graduated from Brock University, from the Media and Communications program where she was able to turn her life around. She credits Penni LaFleur (now the school’s Experiential Learning Facilitator), with helping her avoid being put on academic suspension due to low grades, by getting Johnson-Serjue to confront her issues and get her head on straight, to be able to graduate with honours. “That experience shaped me into the person I am today – it showed me my true strengths, what I’m capable of and how to be vulnerable and ask for help.”

Her social media channels offer consistent empowerment, a good laugh and regular doses of inspiration @paige1ofsome – Instagram URL:
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Break free of the bullshi*t is available in both eBook and softcover print, on her website at with pre-launch bonus offers, and also on Amazon worldwide at