Cheryl Ilov Busts The Myths of Aging, Stops Father Time in His Tracks, and Silences The Nay-Sayers in Her Amazon Best Seller, “Forever Fit and Flexible: Feeling Fabulous at Fifty and Beyond”

Physical fitness is recognized as an important element that can significantly improve our quality of life and can have immediate as well as long-term health benefits. However, achieving and maintaining fitness for adults over 50 can be a challenge due to fitness myths and conflicting information. Some of the erroneous fitness and physical activities beliefs from back at the beginning of the 20th century seem to keep coming up.

Fitness experts keep telling us that there is no medical reason to slow down when we hit our 50’s. However, aches and pains, old injuries, and even our mindset can greatly interfere with our ability to live a healthy and active lifestyle. On the other hand, maintaining a consistent pace of activity into our 50’s and beyond is vitally important to stay healthy. And even fitness guru Tony Horton seems to agree when he stated, “Aging is for people who don’t know any better. You can get better, or you can get all gooey, and crotchety, old, pathetic, icky, gross. Not me. Not into it.”

After running her own private alternative physical therapy practice for eighteen years, Cheryl Ilov realized that she could reach a greater population of individuals with her positive message of hope and healing by writing a book and sharing her secrets to vibrant health and vitality, at every stage of life. She integrates her professional education and expertise with her personal experience of struggling with several chronic pain syndromes and making a full recovery without drugs or surgery.

She shared these techniques with hundreds of clients over the years, and now she has included them in her Amazon best-selling book The Forever Fit and Flexible Program: Feeling Fabulous at Fifty and Beyond”, to help others find their own path to health and healing.

Ilov states that although it is a book about fitness over fifty and she includes a program within the book called “The Forever Fit and Flexible Program,” it is also about mindset, expectations, and not listening to the labels the experts use regarding the aging process.

Knowledge is power, and self-education along with self-awareness is the best gift you can give yourself. This will give you a set of skills and tools to become your own expert, and to take a proactive role instead of a passive one when you do seek medical advice. No one needs to live in pain, and aches and pains are NOT part of the ‘normal’ aging process. I typically do not even use the term ‘aging process’ because I refuse to buy into it. The truth is that we are all getting older, each and every day, from the time we are born. Getting older is inevitable, but being old is a choice. So, let’s choose to get older with strength, grace, and confidence,” Cheryl added.

Cheryl Ilov has combined her extensive training in Pilates, Feldenkrais, martial arts, and ballet with her MS degree in physical therapy to create this advanced movement program. It was through her personal experience of chronic pain, fatigue, and injuries that she perfected her program and is now dedicated to helping others achieve the best quality of life possible, regardless of age or current level of function.

Forever Fit and Flexible: Feeling Fabulous at Fifty and Beyond” has been well received, has many positive reviews and has remained in the top 100 Best Seller List at the Amazon Kindle store.

Fitness is not about a size or a number. It’s not about how you look, but how you feel,” Ilov concluded.

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