Chris Tiller, Phoenix Area Real Estate Agent, Reaches Amazon Bestseller List with New Book

Chris Tiller reached the Amazon Bestseller List with his contribution to the new book, The Definitive Guide to Buying and Selling Homes: Insights from America’s Top Agents. The book made its debut on Amazon at Number 1 in the “Real Estate Sales” category. Amazon also listed the book as the Number 1 bestseller in other real estate categories.

Tiller, along with seven other real estate professionals around the United States, contributed chapters to the book. The book provides insights to consumers that are interested in buying or selling a residence.

In his chapter, Tiller describes the differences between transactional real estate agents and relationship real estate agents. He identifies the key characteristics of each type of agent and how clients or prospective clients can detect the type of agent they are communicating with. He elaborates on the advantages and disadvantages of each type of agent for various client types.

Tiller doesn’t make a definitive recommendation about whether a transactional agent or a relationship agent is the best in his chapter. Instead, he lays out the differences and depending on the client’s situation and goals, he helps guide them toward choosing the best style agent for the situation at hand.

The Definitive Guide to Buying and Selling Homes: Insights from America’s Top Agents is available at

Chris Tiller helps buyers and sellers in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area with their real estate transactions. He started his real estate career in 2006 and in addition to helping his clients, he has maintained a portfolio of development projects plus residential and commercial rental properties. Personal exposure to various real estate processes gives his clients a unique wealth of knowledge they can capitalize on and leverage.

Tiller holds a bachelor’s degree in Management, an MBA in Finance, and is working on his dissertation for a doctorate in Business. He is a regular guest speaker for podcasts, CE classes, title companies, brokers, and digital content.

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