Custom COVID-19 Response Containment Units Ready for Mass Production

From their facility in North Kitsap county, Tarp Innovators is ready and able to completely alter operations in support of the COVID-19 response.  Normally focused on producing spill containment products for the oil & gas industry, and naval shipyards, the facility is proficient manufacturing products from a variety of industrial textiles.  In addition to spill containment, they also produce water and fuel bladders for the military, offer rainwater harvesting, and water purification solutions… all using industrial fabric.

Rick Wood, Founder and President of Tarp Innovators said:

“We’re very familiar with containment. The shortage of masks and gowns are the NOW problem, and companies are working on solving that problem.  We are looking at the NEXT problem: a serious shortage of safe, clean space… transport units, hospital rooms, long-term care rooms, safe shelters, quarantine areas.  That’s what’s next. We must get ready for that. In order to flatten the curve, we need to anticipate 2, 3, even 4 steps ahead.”

Tarp Innovators also has experience with emergency response.  After 9/11 the Office of Homeland Security, in conjunction with Virginia Mason, conducted a joint exercise projecting the preparedness needs in the event of a “dirty bomb” event.  Deano Perlatti, lead product engineer, and a Seattle-area native, participated directly in the roundtables and emergency simulation, resulting in the creation of a suite of emergency containment products.  Specifically, those included flexible patient transport units and patient quarantine rooms.

In response to the COVID-19 emergency, Tarp Innovators has developed new versions of these products making them easier to use and faster to produce.  They also took it a step further by partnering with global scaffolding firm, Layher Inc. Together they have leveraged Layher’s uniquely modular and scalable frame system to design structures that can be quickly assembled for a variety of purposes:  temporary outdoor shelters, auxiliary hospital space, auxiliary long-term care space, and other similar purposes.

Michael Egge, Kairos Consulting NW said:

“As a former Civil Service employee, I worked with both Deano Perlatti from Tarp Innovators and Layher Scaffolding for almost 10 years.  Both companies produce top-quality products, and are a pleasure to work with.  I’m glad to see them now collaborating on projects that will benefit our local community.”

As a custom manufacturer, Tarp Innovators is ready to start producing on a moment’s notice; a nimble, small business not encumbered by bureaucracy, but familiar with working with government agencies as well as the private sector.