Dave Skattum, Health Guru, and Inspirational Speaker, Interviews Physiotherapist Stuart Baptist on His Podcast The 4 Pillars of Men’s Health.

In this podcast interview, Dave Skattum and Stuart Baptist talk about:

  1. A balanced mind and body
  2. Change is possible -no matter what.
  3. The path of least resistance is not always the best path
  4. There are no dead ends
  5. Learning to experience the joys of life.

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About Stuart Baptist:

Stuart was born in Greater London and graduated from Manchester University in 1995.

After graduation, he worked in one of the largest teaching hospitals in Europe for 3 years as a rotational physiotherapist covering burns, plastic surgery, spinal injuries, amputees, cardiothoracic intensive care, and orthopedics. With this wide experience, he then emigrated to Australia and travelled extensively, eventually settling in Newcastle at the John Hunter Hospital as the senior physiotherapist in Accident & Emergency.

In 1999 Stuart relocated to Sydney where he worked as a senior physiotherapist in various practices across Sydney and as practice manager at a large multi-centered practice in St Leonards. Stuart was the first physiotherapist to join Brad at Sydney Physiotherapy Solutions, 3 months after it was opened in 2007. Orthopedically, Stuart has developed a special interest and a reputation in hip and shoulder biomechanics over the years.

Since 2009 he has been undertaking research through Sydney University looking at Men’s Health Physiotherapy, working to improve continence and erectile function of men suffering with prostate cancer.  Currently he is looking to progress into full PhD specializing in using real time ultrasound to teach men how to more accurately isolate effective pelvic floor muscle control. His expertise extends to effective treatment of men with chronic pelvic pain, urinary and sexual dysfunction. Stuart has been an invited speaker at several national & international conferences. His lectures on effective pelvic muscle control have been widely acclaimed.

Stuart states he is a full-time physio, part time researcher, and father to 4 young kids……this means that he gave up playing sports a while ago now and lives his sporting dreams vicariously through his children’s sporting achievements.

Learn more: https://sydneyphysiosolutions.com.au or stuartbaptist@ssop.com.au

About Dave Skattum:

Dave Skattum is a family man, a health guru, and an inspirational speaker. In his late 40s, some life-changing experiences created a starting gate for him to make drastic changes to improve his health. Since then he has taken off 70 pounds, participates in Triathlons and Ultra Trail running, and has weaned himself off junk food. He enjoys nutritious foods, has become accurate in his thinking, and has taken his spiritual life to a new level.

When speaking to an audience about his experience in getting healthy, he brings excitement and hope. Dave is a Certified Nutritarian, a CPT, distinguished Toastmaster, and a Certified Instructor with the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

To get in touch with Dave, join the online forum and to order his book visit http://www.the4pillarsofmenshealth.com