Doctor who helps people live longer and healthier lives is named female speaker of the year

Doctor and longevity coach Dr Alka Patel has been named Female Speaker of the Year in a prestigious awards ceremony.

After a long career as a GP, Alka now specialises in helping people live longer while feeling and looking younger. For the last two years, she has combined her work with public speaking, shining a spotlight on important issues surrounding health and wellbeing.

The Professional Speakers Academy awarded Alka the prize at its annual awards ceremony at the Riverside Venue in Hounslow, London on Saturday, November 18. She described the win as “a tremendous honour and achievement.”

The 51-year-old, who believes everyone has the potential to live one million-hour lives, said: “Being the Female Speaker of the Year in the realm of longevity isn’t just a personal achievement; it’s a responsibility. It fuels my commitment to continue sharing insights, offering guidance, and inspiring positive changes in people’s lives.

“It’s about making a lasting difference by enabling individuals to lead not just longer lives, but healthier, more prosperous, and fulfilling ones. Collecting my award, I walked onto the stage to the sound of the Alicia Keys song This Girl is on Fire and in that moment, I recognised that I am setting the world ablaze with my unique flame and spark that’s igniting change.”

But Alka, who lives in London, believes more needs to be done to close the gender gap within public speaking and make sure women are given the same prominence as their male counterparts.

She said: “Women often face challenges in securing keynote or prominent speaking roles. Research suggests that they might be more commonly assigned breakout sessions or panels rather than the central spotlight, impacting their visibility and influence.

“The landscape of speaker awards, despite celebrating excellence, has historically mirrored wider gender disparities. While women have made remarkable strides in public speaking and thought leadership, there’s been a notable imbalance in the recognition they receive through awards.

“The Professional Speakers Academy doesn’t just give a cursory nod to women. It actively recognises and celebrates the visibility of female voices, inspiring others to follow suit.”

The Professional Speakers Academy was founded by Andy Harrington 11 years ago to help entrepreneurs learn how to give interesting and entertaining presentations which gave value to the audience, while also boosting their business.

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