Dr. Cameron Clark Adds Class 4 Laser Methods to Hoffman Estates Relief Now Laser Pain Center

Dr. Tami Patzer, host of the popular Optimal Health podcast sponsored by Relief Now Laser Methods, is excited to announce a new episode featuring Dr. Cameron Clark, a leading class four laser therapy practitioner. In this episode, Dr. Clark shares his expertise on how class four laser methods can help individuals improve their health and find relief from various conditions.

Dr. Clark’s interest in sports medicine and orthopedics began during his active participation in multiple sports, including baseball, football, golf, and track. As his passion for personal fitness grew, he pursued Sports Medicine studies at Carroll College. After completing his undergraduate studies, he pursued chiropractic care to provide holistic and effective treatment options for his patients.

Class four laser therapy is a modality that stimulates true tissue healing from within, addressing the root cause of the problem rather than simply masking the symptoms.

Dr. Clark explains, “We’ve always tried to provide services that fix the root of the problem… Class four laser therapy is just the next logical option as a modality to provide these people because it’s actually stimulating true, energetic tissue healing.”

During the episode, Dr. Clark highlights the wide range of conditions that can be effectively treated with class four laser therapy. These include back and neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist pain, TMJ, and peripheral neuropathy. The therapy works by entering the damaged cells and stimulating energy production, leading to tissue repair, increased blood vessel growth, and improved lymphatic drainage.

The episode also explores the benefits of class four laser therapy over traditional approaches such as pharmaceuticals and surgery. Dr. Clark emphasizes that while there is a time and place for pain medication, chronic inflammation, and long-term conditions often require a different approach.

“When we introduce something like a laser, we want to push the body so that it can actually repair itself and not continually keep blocking the process that it needs to complete,” he states.

Dr. Clark and Dr. Patzer discuss the extensive research supporting class four laser therapy, with nearly 1,000 medical studies published and FDA approvals for more than 25 conditions. The therapy has minimal side effects, with the only contraindications being pregnancy and active cancer sites. Dr. Clark’s practice also offers complementary modalities such as spinal decompression, knee decompression therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and kinesio taping.

To learn more about class four laser therapy and how it can improve your health, listen to the full episode of Optimal Health with Dr. Tami Patzer featuring Dr. Cameron Clark. Interested individuals can contact Dr. Clark’s practice at 847-839-8888 or visit Relief Now Laser Methods Hoffman Estates to schedule a consultation.

About Dr. Cameron Clark

Dr. Cameron Clark is a renowned chiropractor and certified practitioner of class four laser therapy. With over 15 years of experience in the field, he is the owner of a leading chiropractic clinic in Hoffman Estates, IL. Dr. Clark is dedicated to providing holistic and effective treatment options to his patients, focusing on resolving the root cause of their conditions and improving overall health.