Dr. Emily Letran launches ACTION To WIN Mastermind with UK Leader Dawn Evans in Miami

Dr. Emily Letran, a California-based author, international speaker, and high-performance coach, teams up with Dawn Evans, the Managing Director of Ajuda Training Academy in Cardiff Bay, UK, to launch the “Action to Win Mastermind” program. This transformative event, set to commence in Miami on January 4, 2024, is poised to be a revolutionary platform for personal and business growth.

Dynamic Partnership for a Transformative Experience

Dr. Letran, recognized globally for her exceptional speaking engagements, including a notable presentation in Wales, joins hands with Evans to share their cumulative 55 years of business expertise. This alliance aims to empower entrepreneurs with innovative strategies for achieving success. Dr. Letran, with her inspirational journey from a 13-year-old refugee to a renowned Renaissance woman, and Evans, with her extensive experience in vocational training, make this a highly anticipated event.

About the Visionaries

Dr. Emily Letran is an international speaker who has captivated audiences worldwide, including a significant address in Wales. Her books, including ‘From Refugee to Renaissance Woman’, ‘Commit to Embracing Your Big Life’, and her latest work, ‘Liberty, Freedom, and Business – Fulfilling the American Dream’ with a foreword by Dan Kennedy, have inspired thousands. Dawn Evans, a powerhouse in vocational education in the UK, has led Ajuda to become a leading provider of accredited courses, influencing both private and public sectors.

The Mastermind Program

The “Action to Win Mastermind” is designed to cover critical aspects of entrepreneurship, from combating impostor syndrome to mastering sales conversion. Participants will gain insights into increasing income streams, enhancing networking skills, and leveraging social media for business growth.

Commitment to Empowerment and Social Welfare

Both Dr. Letran and Mrs. Evans are dedicated to making a significant impact on society. Dr. Letran, through her foundation, extends essential dental care to veterans and underprivileged families, showcasing her commitment beyond the business world.

Embark on the Path to Success

This collaboration is more than a business venture; it’s a movement to redefine personal and business development. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Dawn Evans for further details at email dawn@ajuda.org.uk or Dr. Emily Letran at emily@dremilyletran.com. Visit AmericanDreamCoach.com.