Dr. Karen Perkins shares the lighter side of the infamous “Karens” with the launch of her latest book “Revenge of the Karens”

Experience a day of mayhem with Karen and her BFF, Susan… WITHOUT anyone asking to Speak with a Manager! 

According to Dr. Karen, Everyone needs more laughter.  In working with over  ¾ of a million clients, she’s discovered that laughter is universally the most healing medicine on the planet. 

“The world is a canvas, and laughter is the brush. Paint a picture of friendship, joy and understanding; paint a place where even the most delicate of spirits can find comfort and laughter.”

Dr. Perkins parody on the now Infamous name Karen is sure to delight.  

“Revenge of the Karens”, is a guide for practical jokes and harmless pranks.  These tips and tricks show the more playful side of the name that has come to be known world-wide as the name representing entitled, arrogant, demanding and down-right rude behavior.  

This book has chapters covering ways to deal with the office food thief, the roommate who never cleans up, even for the friend who just needs a quick laugh to brighten their day.  Glitter, to baking soda, to ‘fake’ bugs in shoes, there are dozens of ideas to choose from.  

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About the Author:

Dr. Karen Perkins is an esteemed expert in the brain technologies sciences. She is a hypnotherapist and an expert in the nlp sciences. She is also a renowned emotional and spiritual guide. She uses her unique talents and skills to help her clients reshape and reprogram their own self-talk for a more fulfilling and joyful life. 

Dr. Perkins has degrees in Human Behavior, Emotional Intelligence with an added bonus of Business Administration. She has traveled the world helping others as an executive life coach, hypnotherapist, a motivational speaker, an nlp expert, and most importantly an ordained shaman. 

Dr. Karen shares her God-given talents along with scientifically proven methods to dive deep into neurological brain pathways to identify hidden obstacles and provide accurate diagnosis and treatment.