Drive To Freedom in a Challenging World with Barbara Davis

Imagine being self-employed, having control over the working hours and enjoying the freedom of work life balance. This freedom can be achieved through driver training. Barbara’s School of Motoring offers the flexibility of learning, while an individual is still working, and it can easily fit into one’s daily schedule.  Davis offers a specialized driving course that has been created by a Tri-coaching Partnership (TCIT) which is a nationally recognised company that has conducted many driving instructor related courses.

Davis has been a “one-woman band” for several years and faced several family tragedies and unfulfilling careers that forced her to be creative, finding alternative ways for earning money.  Through this adversity, she discovered her life’s purpose was to make a positive difference in others’ lives, and teaching is the vehicle she uses to make that difference. 

Davis’ teaching approach, in driver training, is unlike most other schools. She is extremely hands-on and supportive throughout the whole process of her training. Davis’ instructors receive a comprehensive and hands-on 12/13 module training course in national driving regulations. Participants are taught how to teach others and thoroughly trained, in various methods, followed by in-car sessions which bring the learning, in each section, together. Davis incorporates the methods of Theory, Practical Driving and Instructional Ability and her trainees must pass an exam in each of these areas to qualify. This extensive program enables the students they teach to be much better prepared to take better and more decisive action in stressful situations. 

Davis’ goals, in her driving instruction, are to make sure that the trainers are well prepared, and that each student, after completing the course, is capable of driving in the real-world and is fully capable of overcoming shifting situations and dangers within their surroundings. Being aware of potential danger, managing the uncertainty of the many different variables, and the readiness to act correctly is Davis’ main concern.

For those interested in learning a new skill, in an “essential” industry, and desire the freedom to create their own hours and enjoy financial freedom… Barbara’s School of Motoring has the roadmap to success!