EINSTEIN: The Man And His Mind, The 2023 Grand Prize Book Of The Year Winner Of The Independent Author Network Book Of The Year Awards.

For the last 14 years, The Independent Author Network has held its Annual Book Of The Year Awards for authors from all over the globe.  This year they chose EINSTEIN: The Man And His Mind by Gary S. Berger and Michael DiRuggiero as the Grand Prize Winner of the Book of The Year.

EINSTEIN: The Man And His Mind is a deluxe edition visual biography that captures the essence of Albert Einstein. With insights from simple thought experiments, Einstein discovered that matter shapes space and time. His general theory of relativity explained the force of gravity and predicted the bending of light waves, black holes, gravitational waves, and the Big Bang. Having revealed light’s dual wave/particle nature and the relationship between mass and energy, Einstein also ushered in the era of quantum physics. With thought and imagination, he transformed our understanding of the cosmos.

EINSTEIN: The Man And His Mind is an unprecedented collection of one hundred fifty full-page images that span Einstein’s creative life. Most of the photos have not been seen before by the public. These include signed portrait photographs and candid pictures of Einstein at home, with family and colleagues, and at work in his study. Also included are Einstein’s private notes, equations, and letters written in his hand. Comments accompanying each image tell the story of Einstein’s life and mind.

Berger notes, “I am delighted and humbled that IAN selected EINSTEIN: The Man and His Mind as the 2023 Grand Prize Winner. IAN is one of the largest international book award programs. From thousands of entries, the judges voted our book the best.”

Gary S. Berger is a physician who has always been fascinated by Albert Einstein and how he could perceive what nobody had before about physical reality. During the past 25 years, he’s assembled what is probably the world’s largest private collection of original Einstein documents and signed photographs.

Michael DiRuggiero is the owner of Manhattan Rare Book Company. He specializes in the history of science with particular emphasis on material relating to Albert Einstein.

Hanoch Gutfreund, the Einstein Archives academic director at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, wrote the book’s Foreword.

Questions about the event or the book can be sent to info@einstein-themanandhismind.net.