Emanuel Avina, President of Avina Financial Group, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast About Using Life Insurance for Retirement

During the interview, Emanuel discusses how to transfer retirement savings to kids without paying taxes, how retirement savings impact financial aid for a child’s college tuition, and how the 1% pay so little in taxes.

Tune in for the interview available on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and the Business Innovators Radio Network.  https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/interview-with-emanuel-avina-president-of-avina-financial-group-discussing-how-to-use-life-insurance-for-retirement-planning/

Emanuel explained that “Over a decade ago, I began this journey in financial services to help clients not only retire but to retire with more confidence. That confidence comes from knowing how, when, and where your income comes from to fund that retirement. I am so excited to bring this education to help people understand one of the most vital resources in retirement: taxes and life insurance. The emphasis around the college financial aid is based on the expected family contribution, EFC. Assets such as cash savings, checking accounts, the net worth of investments, business, and/or investment play a factor in figuring out EFC. This determines how much a family has to contribute towards the financial aid, but money or cash value inside a life insurance policy is not considered part of the EFC contribution. So if you’re looking down the line and you utilize life insurance as an asset, it can help you when it comes to college savings.”

Avina continued, “In a world of media white noise, account balances, fees, and market swings, it’s easy for those numbers to feel like the goal. But at Avina Financial Group, we go beyond the numbers. That’s the Avina Financial difference — that’s our Retire with More Process. Our proprietary 5-step process to help you Retire with More – more of what is important to you.”


About Emanuel Avina

Emanuel has been helping people pursue their retirement and financial dreams through comprehensive strategies for well over a decade. He founded Avina Financial Group to help clients not only retire but to retire with more confidence and help businesses establish and maintain their 401(k) plans for their employees retirement. He has passed the Series 7 and 66 securities exams, holds California licenses to offer health and life insurance as well as annuities and has obtained his Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®) designation.

He and his wife have three daughters and one son.

To get a complimentary Retirement Income report that will help you understand how, when, and where income is coming from in retirement and how long it will last. Learn More: http://www.avinafinancialgroup.com  or if you would like to listen to his podcast go to: http://www.retirewithmore.net

Investment advisory products and services are made available through Avina Financial Group, Inc., a Registered Investment Adviser. Insurance services are provided through Prosperity Insurance Services, CA Insurance License # OM20502.  Retire with More is the name of our process and is not a guarantee of investment performance or a guarantee of your retirement outcome. This podcast interview is designed to provide general information on the subjects covered.  It is not intended to provide tax or legal advice and all individuals are encouraged to consult with a qualified tax professional prior to making any decisions about their personal situation.