Fidel Beauhill Teaches Positive Masculinity

Fidel Beauhill, better known to his clients as The Modern Man Coach, is a Life and Relationships Coach who runs a popular support group for men. He knows from experience just how hard it is to be vulnerable as a man. But, after a crippling panic attack left him convinced he was going to die, he started to realise how dangerous it is to not be vulnerable. Once the owner of a will writing company, he now spends his days offering men a safe and supportive space where they can express themselves. His work helps to guide people through the difficult times in their lives, and he is now due to release his first book, Divorce: A Modern Man’s Guide, with all the advice a man could need to navigate the emotional turbulence of divorce.

The panic attack he had five years ago, while being one of the scariest times of his life, also marked a significant turning point. While at the time he appeared to be a successful businessman, he was hiding significant financial difficulties. As a father-of-three and, at the time, also a husband, he felt an immense amount of pressure to provide for his family. But keeping his money issues a secret pushed him to the edge. Rushed to the hospital in the belief he was having a heart attack, it was discovered that actually he was suffering from severe anxiety. This, he realised, was a direct result of shouldering so much responsibility and refusing to open up about the stress it was causing him.

This experience set Fidel off on a personal journey, during which he decided to give up his law firm and train in hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming (NLP). Now, drawing on both his qualifications and his past experiences, he is able to offer insightful advice and well-rounded treatment options for those in his support group who are really struggling to cope. The group, called The Modern Man Club, is all about changing perceptions of masculinity in order to really help men open up. As Fidel explains, “when we talk about men, it is often all about toxic masculinity and fragile mental health. I want to promote the idea of positive masculinity, and encourage men to be more open about their feelings and emotions.”

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