From Angry and Anxious to Helping Business Leaders Build Their Emotional Intelligence

Mindset coach Nikki Evans spent her teenage years dealing with a lot of pent-up anger.

Feeling like she was different from other people, the situation grew worse when at the age of 17, she started experiencing severe anxiety while grieving the loss of a close friend. She would regularly wake up feeling like she couldn’t breathe and would experience pins and needles in her face but when she went to a doctor, they shrugged her off and told her to breathe into a paper bag.

Nikki’s experiences as a teenager have inspired her to help other people learn to regulate their emotions and overcome issues like chronic anxiety, depression, trauma, low confidence and poor self-esteem. She launched Mind Health School in August 2019, which teaches business leaders, entrepreneurs, and senior executives to become the master of their own emotions and uses a variety of methods, including NLP, timeline therapy, mindfulness, and positive psychology.

The 30-year-old, who is originally from Preston in the UK and now lives in Sydney, Australia, said: “If you have anxiety, anger, shame or guilt, it isn’t that there is something wrong with you. It is simply a skill gap and you need to learn the life skill of regulating your emotions.

“I teach people how to manage their mind and how to feel safe. My approach is proactive, I believe in working through your emotions before they become an issue which affects everything in your life.”

The aim of Mind Health School is to take complex theories and break them down into simple to follow techniques and actionable tools which people can use in their daily life. Nikki is a firm believer that soft skills like emotional intelligence should be taught in schools so children grow up knowing how to manage their moods and feelings.

Nikki added: “I help leaders create healthy minds so they can understand why they are feeling the way they do and how to manage those emotions. There will be challenges every single day, so it is learning how to deal with them in a way which allows people to feel happy, calm and fulfilled.

“Building emotional intelligence improves both leadership and communication skills so it plays a really important part in achieving business and career success.”

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