Glenn W Sturm’s Memoir, “Cancer Set Me Free,” Tops Bestseller Lists, Outshining Biographies of Renowned Figures

“Cancer Set Me Free,” the compelling memoir authored by distinguished lawyer Glenn W Sturm, has swiftly ascended to the #1 position on bestseller lists following its August 16th launch. The book rapidly outpaced celebrated biographies of figures like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Michelle Obama, Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, Hillary Clinton, and Robert Kennedy Jr.

Dominating the “Lawyers & Judges Biographies” and “Artists, Architects & Photographers Biographies” categories, the book’s widespread acclaim is a testament to both Sturm’s prowess as a storyteller and his profound experiences as a lawyer and a photographer battling cancer for 14 years.

Reflecting on the book’s overwhelming reception, Sturm remarked, “Sharing my journey was an endeavor to inspire and offer a fresh perspective on life’s hurdles. The recognition the book has received affirms the profound connection it has established with readers.”

Barak Granot, who orchestrated the book launch, stated, “The swift rise and recognition of ‘Cancer Set Me Free’ is a testament to Glenn’s compelling narrative and the genuine connection it has forged with readers. It’s been an honor to be part of such a transformative project, and the success achieved is a reflection of Glenn’s dedication and the universality of his story.”

The monumental achievement of “Cancer Set Me Free” in securing top honors stands out, especially given the heavyweight competition from renowned authors and figures. The memoir’s resonance with readers across various demographics underscores its unique blend of professional insights and deeply personal tales of resilience.

Critics and readers alike have highlighted the candid emotion and authenticity with which Sturm recounts his journey. The book transcends a personal narrative, serving as a guide and source of inspiration for those confronting challenges, particularly severe illnesses.   

Glenn W Sturm’s multifaceted background uniquely positions him in the literary landscape. A graduate with honors from the Levin College of Law at the University of Florida, Sturm has had a distinguished legal career. He has held positions on corporate boards, founded an Internet banking company, and served in the U.S. military for over three decades. Outside his professional commitments, Sturm passionately pursues philanthropy and photography.      

“Cancer Set Me Free” also serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone grappling with a life-threatening prognosis. It presents best practices, discussions on fear, and navigating the emotional rollercoaster that often comes with illness.

Against the backdrop of myriad stories of trials and tribulations, “Cancer Set Me Free” distinguishes itself not just through accolades but through Sturm’s genuine voice. His vast tenure in the legal realm offers a fresh, relatable perspective that has clearly captivated readers globally.

With its sustained momentum post-launch, “Cancer Set Me Free” is being embraced widely, marking Glenn W Sturm’s narrative as a triumphant testament to resilience.

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