Heidi Sharman announces upcoming book, “Intuitive Goddess”

Intuitive Goddess is the 2nd in the Goddess series by The London Publishing House. It features inspirational women who are sharing their real-life stories of how they listened to their call into greatness and wrote their own realities; manifesting their love, health and success, and harnessing their feminine power to build lives far beyond their dreams. 

Having experienced the loss of her health, mobility and independence due to a devastating injury,  Heidi found a way of healing and recovering physically and emotionally and now she helps other women take charge of their health, lose weight, restore balance,  and reconnect with their unique identities.

In 2017, Heidi was bouldering when she fell and broke her heel requiring surgery, a lengthy recovery and rehabilitation. Previous to this, when not working as a Card Brand Specialist she was incredibly active, spending most of her time running, climbing, taking part in outdoor activities and coordinating the busy lives of her 2 children. 

Suddenly unable to walk, do physical activities or manage her household,  she struggled, not only physically, but emotionally and the Consequences of her injury extended beyond the home when she missed a critical transition time at work, preventing her from taking on a new role within the organization. 

When damage from the injury persisted, Heidi was offered a 2nd operation that would help with the immense pain she was suffering from but the downside was that she would further lose mobility. She turned down the operation and switched her focus to her own nutrition. 

She made changes that included cutting gluten, sugar and dairy and within one month had stopped taking pain medication and she could walk, do outdoor activities and be active with her family once again. Today, Heidi has resumed hiking, enjoys long walks at the beach and has even gone back to climbing,

Heidi says:  “Our bodies, are a reflection of our physical and emotional well-being.  

Taking the time to listen and honor what they are asking for, creates the space for healing that you didn’t realize was possible.”

Intuitive Goddess will be released on 11th January 2023 and will be available on Amazon KDP and the Lulu bookstore.