Help Stop Black Youth From Checking Out – Black People Forward (BPF) Fundraiser Looking for Support

This September, non-profit Black People Forward (BPF) is launching a nationwide black mental health campaign aimed at the Black community called the “Are You Good ” – Check-in Campaign.

Recent research released by two public-health groups, Trust for America’s Health and the Well Being Trust has shown more millennials are dying “deaths of despair,” or deaths related to drugs, alcohol, and suicide since 2007; The suicide rate for Black girls and women ages 10 to 24 has increased more than 30 percent since 2020; and African American men ages 20 to 24 have the highest suicide rate among African Americans of all ages, male and female. These statistics are alarming.

Non-profit founder, Lisa C. Williams explained, “In the Black community, we often ask, ‘Are You Good Bro? Are You Good Sis?’ and we answer, ‘I’m Good,’ but most of us really are NOT good. Suicide in the Black community has been on the rise and has increased significantly since 2020. It’s more important than ever that we check in and support black youth. This campaign is culturally designed to connect the black community, black athletes, black celebrities and others who care about our youth in a way that lets them feel seen and heard.”

Lillian Polanco-Roman, Associate Professor of Psychology at the New School for Social Research explained, “Our prevention strategies are not culturally responsive. They’re most responsive to white populations, who are better represented in the research that we carry out.”

A plethora of problems have plagued the Black community and has brought many to a breaking point. Depression, anxiety and suicide are at an all-time high resulting from Covid to death by police and gun violence to drug overdoses. Just in the first half of 2022, the loss of several Black millennial celebrities, politicians and student-athletes to suicide has the Black community in shock.

BPF is lining up black celebrities and influencers to join them on IG live during the 30-day fundraiser to bring awareness and check in with their fans and followers.

Confirmed so far are:

Tabitha Brown, vegan cooking star and auntie to the Black community

Andre Chevalier, head coach of Sierra Canyon High School boys’ basketball team, coaching celebrity athlete’s sons, such as Brony James

Sonja Norwood, celebrity mother and manager of her children Brandy and Ray J who are both well celebrated artists in the industry

Dahntay Jones, former professional basketball player, now assistant coach for the Los Angeles Clippers

Jay Barnett, former pro football player turned mental health professional, as well as founder and author of Just Heal Bro

Brandi Harvey, founder of Beyond Her, podcast host, author, and daughter of Steve Harvey, comedian, author, radio and TV show host

The nonprofit aims to raise $10,000 as an initial goal to fund a pilot Dope Check-in Experience, cover start up and operating costs and to bring awareness to their project. Their year-end goal is to raise $100,000 to fund their Dope Experiences (programs) for black youth and young adults in 2023.  BPF is asking the Black community to check-in on one another and to support the fundraising campaign by donating. Even small donations – $10 – can help reach the fundraising goal.  The non-profit is also asking for the support of black-led organizations and those that want to support black youth.

BPF is dedicated to transforming and saving black lives and helping black youth reach their full potential. Williams adds, “The community can support BPF’s work by joining our fundraising team and rallying friends, family and members of your organization to help us in our effort to prevent more black youth from checking out.”

To assist in fundraising efforts or make a donation of any size, visit:

About Black People Forward (BPF)

Black People Forward (BPF) aims to restore racial identity, rebuild emotional wellness, and show Black youth and young adults’ new ways to earn a living (get the bag). We provide culturally focused and evidence-based experiences to help Black youth achieve better outcomes as adults. BPF is a new project, fiscally sponsored by F.L.O.S.S. – F & L Support Services. Donations are tax deductible.