Hollywood Stylist Dina Cerchione Reveals How Real Women Can Look Effortlessly Chic at Any Age on Influencers Radio

On a recent episode of Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, Hollywood stylist Dina Cerchione discussed the secret to her success for making people look great on and off camera for over 25 years. With shows such as America’s Got Talent, Deal or No Deal and Beat Shazam, her styling finesse has refined the look of thousands—celebs and “real people” alike.

Now, Dina works that same magic for others outside the spotlights of Hollywood. She has a definite talent for being able to make even the “fashion challenged” feel like a million bucks without having to spend a million bucks. Her style philosophy is the same for both men and women, saying, “Personal style is more important than fashion. Keep it simple, make it your own, and choose accent pieces wisely.”

During the interview, Dina shared some of the common fears and misconceptions that prevent people from experiencing their full potential when it comes to personal style, saying, “There’s a handful that I see over and over again. One is that they see it on the mannequin, but think, you know, that’s not for me, or that’s not something I can wear. And, you know, if it’s something you like, and it’s something you’re drawn to, then you should absolutely try that… We have all of our own insecurities, and that’s why you’re thinking it’s for somebody else. When I work with a client, if there’s something that you’re drawn to we can look at it. And, if it’s something slinky that maybe doesn’t work for your body type, but you like the color or you like the fabric, there are ways of figuring out what it is you’re drawn to that’s not necessarily the exact thing on the mannequin, but gets you that feeling that’s on the mannequin. Another misconception a lot of people think is that it takes a lot of money to reinvent yourself, which it can if you have a lot of money and you want to spend a lot of money. But there are absolutely ways that you can rework the wardrobe pieces that you have, and then create and build a wardrobe going forward, where you can really be mindful about how you’re doing it…  I do think you should be mindful. I don’t think you should have closets overflowing with stuff you don’t use. I’m a big believer in building on a basic foundation.”

Dina’s passion for style started at an early age when she didn’t look like all the other girls, explaining, “They were all wearing skinny designer jeans and Candies shoes and that simply didn’t work for me and my Italian curves! I wanted a way to stand out and look great so I discovered using clothes in a way that accentuated and worked with my body, not against it.” 

When working with clients, Dina takes her styling cues from the personalities of the people she dresses. Her goal is to always make clients look and feel their best, for whatever THEIR life looks like, not of a life that they don’t lead. She helps them define their own personal style rather than just choose another off-the-rack trend.

To listen to the full interview, visit https://influencersradio.com/dina-cerchione

To learn more about Dina Cerchione, visit https://dmcstyles.com