Hypnotherapist Writes Book About Traumatic Attack Which Changed Her Life

Transformational life changer Rachel Claire Farnsworth has written about a traumatic attack which changed her life in a new book.

The 53-year-old, from Mansfield, is the co-author of Me Too But Never Again, a book designed to help women recognise the signs of predators and learn how to heal from past abuse and trauma. In her chapter, Rachel talks about a devastating incident which happened when she was just 19 and had a profound impact on the rest of her life.

Me Too But Never Again was released today (November 29 2022) as an ebook with the paperbook version coming out on December 6.

Rachel says: “To me, Me Too But Never Again means that we don’t have to feel like victims forever. None of it was our fault. NONE OF IT. 

“However, I do believe that it is our responsibility to heal from it so that the past doesn’t keep bleeding into the present and future. I talk about what happened to me at 19 and how it impacted my life without being aware at the time and how my life is different now I have healed from it.”

In her chapter, Rachel recounts an incident where a man she had agreed to go on a date with forced himself on her. She talks about how the attack destroyed her feelings of self-worth, leaving her feeling like she was damaged goods and undeserving of happiness.

When she became an advanced hypnotherapist, she realised her lack of confidence stemmed back to the moment she was assaulted. She then used her own hypnotherapy techniques to work with her subconscious mind and release the trauma which had held her back for decades.

She says: “I was able to heal that younger version of me, releasing the blame, pain, shame, guilt and helplessness that I had felt at that time. So much so, that I now feel indifferent to that time. It feels like it happened to someone else, a different lifetime, a different person.”

As a transformational life changer, Rachel works with people who suffer from health issues, including anxiety, chronic pain and autoimmune conditions. She uses advanced hypnotherapy methods to take her clients back to the root cause of their problem – usually a traumatic moment in their past – and helps them to release any blocked energy in their body to restore balance so they can live happy and healthy lives.

Me Too But Never Again, published by She Rises Studios, is available to buy from Amazon now.