Ian Lobas Named New Executive Producer and Host of ‘Men On Purpose’ Podcast

Creative Age Consulting Group announced the sale and transfer of the Apple US Top 50 ranked “Men On Purpose” podcast (#41 in Marketing Category) and affiliated brand to Ian Lobas of Ian Lobas International & The Lobas Group. Launched in January of 2018, the podcast initially ranked in the top 200 within 6 weeks of airing the first episode. Now downloading in 97 countries and ranking in 23 countries, the show is intended to elevate, celebrate and spotlight Men On Purpose across all industries and disciplines and to inform the listening audience of Men On Purpose “in the making” of both the practical and spiritual steps they can take to create their lives and businesses in alignment with their authentic purpose. 

Featuring the world’s most impressive emerging and established “men on purpose,” this show provides a glimpse in to the arising model of the “Evolved Man” – men who are visionary, compassionate, clear, completely and freely expressing themselves in service to their own highest purpose. According to Emerald GreenForest, current host of the show, “This show features some of the most magnificent men on the planet and it has been our intention to celebrate their gifts and be in gratitude for their global contribution. Our listeners tune in to be well fed with dynamic wisdom, legendary modeling and immediately actionable steps to be more purposeful and positive in their impact and leadership, careers, health, relationships, creativity and sexuality so that they can be more purposeful in every area of their life!”

“I am beyond excited about this opportunity,” Lobas, the new Executive Producer and Host said. “It’s the first time I have felt in perfect alignment between a business and true my calling in life. The goal is to be a guide for men to get more depth out of themselves and be more purposeful with their families, relationships, businesses and every area of their lives. Ready to step into your fullest potential? Our mission: To Elevate, Educate and Enrich Men, On Purpose.”

About Ian Lobas

A successful Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Podcast Host, Speaker, and full-time Personal Performance Coach, Ian Lobas absolutely loves life. After years of grinding it out in the shipping & real estate sales businesses and making sacrifices in every other area of his life, he was burnt out. The money, the power, the success, none of it mattered anymore. He was in a failing marriage and barely knew his kids or himself. 

Every day he would ask himself, is this really it, is this all there is to life? Am I meant to do this forever? How can I have the life I want in every area. That’s when Ian set out on a mission of intense personal development to figure out why he was avoiding fear, what was causing the pain, how to clear and remove it from his life and how to make sure it didn’t get between life and what really mattered to him, his family and living life fully with no regrets. 

For over 7 years, Ian and his wife Meredith have been operating a successful real estate sales and marketing business. Although that is their day to day, their real passion is coaching and podcasting and are sought after by people around the world to coach them in the areas of mindset, business development, high level personal performance, habit kick and development, health, identity, relationships and clearing past traumas to unleash the lives they have always dreamed of living. As a podcast host he loves digging deep and helping people’s authenticity and vulnerability really shine. 

“The audience needs to know they aren’t alone; they need to know that anything can be achieved and it’s my job to connect the guest with the audience through their powerful story & experience. That’s where magic happens and people believe that anything is possible” The very popular Men On Purpose podcast will be Ian’s third time hosting a top rated podcast except this time, he will be the owner, full time host and producer of the show. 

Ian resides in Baltimore Maryland with his amazing wife Meredith, his daughter Ellis and brand new baby boy Price. In his spare time, he enjoys Traveling, Flying Airplanes, Photography, Competitive Swimming, Racing Cars, Sailing, RV’ing and exploring the world. 

To learn more, visit: www.menonpurposepodcast.com  Or, call (443) 463-5506.

Connect online via social media at:

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