In Response To Women Looking For A Family-First Business, Fatima Omar, Releases NEW 5-Day Challenge To Help Women Become Online Coaches

Best-selling author, Fatima Omar Khamissa, is best known for helping over 100 professionals become bestselling authors.

With her new project, Command Your Business like A Queen, this fiery mother-of-five, is pulling back the curtain and teaching women all the secrets of how she transformed her life from a homeless mom collecting welfare to being a global influencer coaching women entrepreneurs.

Omar Khamissa, is passionate about helping women have money, so she can have choices. Her coaching program was designed for one million women globally, regardless of race, religion, faith, ethnicity or background, to create an online platform to coach, make money and have freedom of choice.

“Million Stars Academy is different from other coaching programs. It focuses on three aspects. One, the woman. Two, the coaching models. Three, the marketing and content. Nothing is left to chance. I promise you, everyone will be looking for a Million Stars Coach and everyone will want to be a Million Stars Coach,” she shared bubbling with excitement and confidence.

Her beginnings are modest. In 2008, Omar Khamissa, left an abusive marriage of twenty one years, and took her five kids and went into hiding. She began collecting government welfare, and took the time to study social media and the impacts of social and psychological marketing. Omar Khamissa made Youtube videos, wrote articles and volunteered her time in local prisons and in her community sharing her story of resilience and overcoming adversity.

Her awards have filled her shelves. She has been recognized by the government of Canada, the government of Ontario and numerous other organizations for her leadership, service, and tireless efforts in helping women have financial freedom.

Omar Khamissa encourages women globally to join the free 5-day challenge, COMMAND YOUR BUSINESS LIKE A QUEEN, beginning on December 7th, where she will be training women to have a family-first, flexible online coaching business.

An innovator, and disruptor of societal norms, Omar Khamissa loves bringing transformation to the world in every way possible. She is five foot two inches of guts, courage and fearless energy. 

You can join the challenge here