International Number One Bestseller About Belief In God Avoids “Religion”

“Why do you believe in a God?“

In today’s world, why should anyone believe in God? At a time when church membership is falling and the world seems to be skidding off the rails, this question launched a quest, and that quest has become a runaway bestseller… for skeptics AND believers alike.

That’s what happened when the editors of Elevator Pitches for God: 70 One-Page Essays by Thought Leaders On Why They Believe offered each author a single page on which to share their personal spiritual journey, to reveal how they arrived at their conclusion that God exists, and how it affects their daily life.

“We sought out interesting, thoughtful people with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences,” says Ron Kardos, one of the two editors along with Bruce Licht, who added, “We didn’t give the authors any direction about what to write. They all had their own ideas about how to approach the subject. We didn’t know what they were going to discuss until we received their essays.”

“There seems to be a groundswell of interest and a real need for a non-religious conversation about God. The world is desperate for meaning, purpose, and wisdom; a glance at social media will show you that the struggle is real.”

Proceeds will go to support For Good and For All, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) media platform that is not political in any way, whose mission is to facilitate frank discussions about important issues that matter to humankind.

Feedback from readers reflects the power of this approach:

“At last! A book about God that won’t turn off skeptics. This book is for people who wonder ‘Why do so many people believe in God?’”

“A fascinating read. It has so many different perspectives from so many different people. You’re sure to find many essays that talk to you about why well-known and thoughtful people accept God.”

“They… approach the topic from every conceivable perspective (e.g., science, nature, and art) and a range of religious backgrounds (including Christianity, Islam, and Judaism).”

“There is no effort to turn the skeptic into a believer and certainly not to promote any religion. So it is a very “safe” book for both skeptics and believers to have in the home.”

Elevator Pitches for God: 70 One-Page Essays by Thought Leaders On Why They Believe is available in Kindle, hardcover, and audiobook editions on Amazon and at For Good and For All, Inc. (

About the authors

Ron Kardos

Ron grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from UCLA with a BA in Economics. After college, Ron and his college roommate started businesses in autos, finance, and real estate. A spiritual late bloomer, Ron devotes much of his time to learning.

Bruce Licht

Bruce grew up in Lafayette, California and received a BA in Political Science from UCLA, and a Graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America. After graduating, Bruce operated his family’s retail business for twenty-two years before changing careers and joining a national technical publishing company for seventeen years, serving as the company’s publisher.

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