James King Baskin Founder of Outsource Kings Reveals Sales Appointment Booking Secrets On Business Innovators Radio

On a recent episode of Business Innovators Radio with Mark Imperial, James King Baskin, Founder of Outsource Kings, discussed growing more sales by outsourcing sales appointment setting.

According to Baskin, Professionals and Agency owners can sell more and stay in the “red zone” focused on revenue rather than the tedious, time-consuming task of followup.

Baskin, said “I help agency owners follow up with their leads and their clients leads without wasting time and energy by outsourcing the appointment setting.”

When host Mark Imperial asked how agencies and professionals try to solve appointment setting Baskin answered, “If you have an in house person, let’s say an assistant actually comes into work. If you’re in the US based, you know, they’re not going to want to work for anything less than 10 or 15 dollars an hour, they’re going to want benefits, they’re going to want this, that, bla bla. And so people will try that. With outsourcing, it is a fraction of the cost probably more like 25% of the cost, and that (outsourced) person will be someone that is actually very, very grateful for the job”.

During the Interview Baskin shared the solutions Outsource Kings offers Agencies and Professional, explaining, “We currently have my done-for-you services, which is where you hire me for a monthly fee and depending on How many leads you need called, we have a couple different packages. We call our clients leads in real time. On average, we call each lead in under two to three minutes. On top of that, we also offer the ability to send live calls when someone says on the phone to my team, ‘I’m ready to sign up, can I talk to someone right now’. Then, rather than just book an appointment in someone’s calendar, we send that call straight through. We tell them, hey, the person is ready to go. We connect the call, and then boom, we go off on to the next call. ”.

James King Baskin is the Author of the forthcoming book “Outsource Kings: Do Less. Make More.” and considered the authority on Outsourcing when it comes to helping Agencies and Professionals follow up and book sales appointments.

The interview concluded with Baskin saying “The book is for anyone that is old or new, I should say, because you can still teach an old dog new tricks and you can still teach, obviously, a new dog, a lot of new tricks. And so it’s for people that don’t know even where to begin with how to start outsourcing. I wanted to have a way that people can access my thoughts. And some of my secrets that have helped me grow a team of five or six people completely outsourced. And with a project manager, where I don’t have to monitor employees all day long. And I know that work is getting done”.

To listen to the full interview on Business Innovators Radio, visit https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/james-king-baskin-outsource-kings-outsourcing-for-agency-owners/.

To learn more about James King Baskin, please visit https://outsourcekings.com/.