Jay Haynes, Founder of Thrv, Product Roadmap Software, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

During the interview, Jay discusses his software’s extraordinary value proposition to build an insanely great product roadmap. thrv is the only Product Roadmap Software that helps teams use Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) methods to build products customers will love.

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Haynes explained that ” The core idea behind jobs to be done is deceptively simple: Your customers are not buying your products; they’re hiring your product to get a job done. As we all know, product, sales, and marketing teams in every organization are trying to satisfy customer needs better than their competitors in the market. The way you satisfy customer needs is to develop, market, and sell with a product roadmap. Unfortunately, history is full of examples of failed product roadmaps that destroyed once-great companies. “

The solution is thrv – the only software that quantifies customer’s unmet needs. As a result, the product team gets actionable insights to prioritize product roadmap features. The result is accelerated growth with less risk.




About Jay Haynes

Jay is an award-winning entrepreneur and an executive with three decades years of innovation and investing experience.

thrv is the result of Jay’s work using jobs-to-be- done methods with product teams at Fortune 500 corporations, private-equity sponsored companies, and venture-backed start-ups.

thrv’s customers include the world’s leading companies, including Microsoft, Dropbox, eBay, Twitter, American Express, Lego, NBC, and Bose.

With a wide range of experience from working as an investment professional at legendary private equity firm GTCR to working as a product manager at Microsoft to serving as CEO of Strategyn, Jay has seen first-hand the problems that executives and product teams confront when trying to satisfy customers and generate growth and equity value for shareholders.

Jay is an innovative thought-leader who has contributed significant advancements to jobs-to- be-done methods. Jay’s advancements enable product teams to dramatically increase their effectiveness in using jobs-to-be-done to reduce roadmap risk, accelerate revenue growth, and generate superior equity value.

Jobs-to-be-done product management helps CEOs align their product teams with customers and focus their company’s product development on exploiting competitor weaknesses from the view of the customer.

While at the Harvard Business School, Jay studied with Clay Christensen, who pioneered the concept of disruption and popularized the jobs-to-be-done innovation method.

Jay graduated Phi Beta Kappa with highest honors from Brown University, and he received his MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School.

Learn More: https://www.thrv.com/