Joanna Howes, the “Change Partner,” is Guiding Companies to Achieve Leadership and Operational Excellence

And most recently, Joanna has become the Founder and Director of The Courageous Leaders Club programme which has created a huge impact in forming “future-fit” leaders. Courageous Leadership equips leaders with essential skills needed to lead with compassion and certainty amidst uncertain time. And, it guides them to find their own, unique voice to maximize their influence, recognize their strengths and worth, and leverage these abilities to build high-achieving teams who in turn lead the way in creating the new global economy. 

If there’s one thing you should know about Joanna it’s that she loves helping people. Coaching and helping companies achieve leadership and operational excellence are all huge passions for the entrepreneur. Working with a coach several years ago completely changed Joanna’s life and made her want to utilize her own strengths and experience to do the same for others. 

Knowing firsthand Joanna realized the importance of staying on top of business trends to maintain relevance in today’s rapidly evolving world. The Courageous Leaders Club was formed to deliver coaching, and guidance; to leaders in a focused and relatable way so that goals and ambitions can be attained starting from all levels. Joanna’s programmes have been designed to build courageous leaders who understand how to lead their teams with conviction and confidence, bringing fulfillment to all corners of their lives

In the uncertain time we currently find ourselves in, the importance of adapting and learning new skills is more important than ever. For the leaders and business owners who are unsure of how to continue moving forward, or out of a short-term space of fighting fires, Joanna Howes, Courageous Leaders Club offers a variety of business strategies and frameworks that are simplistic, easy to implement, relatable and proven to be extremely effective in building high-performing, happy teams.

As we expand our understanding of the new way of business, Joanna has truly set herself a step ahead and is already leading the way for businesses, and individuals, to come out from the shadows and stand confidently in their power to lead.


Joanna Howes, is a leadership change partner, operations consultant and coach, professional speaker and international best-selling author of The Law of Brand Attraction, which has reached #1 in 6 countries including the UK and the USA. Joanna is the Founder and Director of The Change Creators, and has recently launched her pioneering programme The Courageous Leaders Club, which has created a huge impact in building ‘future-fit’ leaders. Providing innovative and transformative, solution-based strategies to empower organizations in creating environments that are fun, safe and full of opportunity, Joanna has established herself as a true industry leader.