Join Markus Loving on “The Inside Track” Podcast as he interviews best-selling author Sherri Gallagher

“The Inside Track” podcast is back with an exciting new episode featuring special guest Sherri Gallagher, an accomplished entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author. Gallagher is best known for her nonfiction book “Profit is Not a Four-Letter Word,” which became a number one bestseller on Amazon. In this episode, she takes us on a journey into the world of fiction with her latest novel, Killer Run.

Killer Run is no ordinary novel – it’s a thrilling blend of romance, detective work, and a spine-chilling serial killer plot. Gallagher draws inspiration from her real-life experiences, including her love for German Shepherds and her involvement in German Shepherd Search and Rescue. Listeners will be captivated by the twists and turns of the story and will find it impossible to put the book down.

But Gallagher’s journey as an author has not been without its challenges. She faced a major setback when she accidentally deleted a significant portion of the original manuscript for Killer Run. However, she overcame adversity, rewrote the story, and is now eagerly awaiting the release of her gripping novel.

In this episode, Gallagher discusses her experiences with self-publishing and the freedom and control it has given her over her work. She shares valuable insights into the publishing industry and provides tips for aspiring authors. Listeners will gain a unique perspective on the writing process and the importance of staying true to one’s vision.

“I write for people like me, businesswomen who want to relax after a long day and feel good about what they’re reading,” says Gallagher. I wanted to create a thriller that keeps readers engaged without taking them to dark places. Killer Run will make you question what’s going to happen next, and it will leave you feeling satisfied.”

This episode also delves into Gallagher’s love for German Shepherds and how she incorporates her passion for these incredible dogs into her novels. Listeners will learn about the world of search and rescue and the everyday people who dedicate their time and energy to saving lives.

Listeners are encouraged to tune in to this episode of “The Inside Track” radio show to discover the inspiration behind Killer Run, gain insights into self-publishing, and be entertained by Gallagher’s engaging storytelling. Whether you’re a fan of heart-pounding mysteries, overcoming obstacles, or amazing dogs, this episode has something for everyone.

To listen to the episode, Click Here or visit Killer Run is available on Amazon and other major online book retailers.



About Sherri Gallagher:

Sherri Gallagher is an accomplished entrepreneur, philanthropist, and best-selling author. With a passion for writing and a love for German Shepherds, Gallagher creates thrilling and captivating stories that keep readers on the edge of their seats. Her books often draw inspiration from real-life experiences and showcase her dedication to search and rescue work with German Shepherds. Gallagher advocates self-publishing and enjoys sharing her insights and experiences with aspiring authors.

About “The Inside Track” Radio Show:

“The Inside Track” is a popular Radio Show hosted by Markus Loving, an expert in the business industry. Each episode features interviews with successful entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders who share their experiences, insights, and strategies for success. Listeners gain valuable knowledge and inspiration to take their business and personal lives to the next level. The radio show covers various topics, including entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership, and personal development.

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