Jonathan Leonard, Founder of Leonard Financial Solutions, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing Longevity Risk

Jonathan Leonard discusses navigating risk and longevity in retirement planning.

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The importance of comprehensive retirement planning is ensuring individuals have enough money to sustain themselves throughout their retirement years. Jonathan Leonard highlights the significance of long-term considerations, such as potential health deterioration and increased care needs as individuals age. The episode introduces the concept of “go years” and “slow years” in retirement planning, where individuals tend to be more active and engaged in their 60s and early 70s but may experience reduced mobility and travel less in their late 70s and 80s.

Furthermore, the episode delves into the average rate of return in markets, typically ranging from 6% to 8%. This information is used to construct retirement plans that can withstand market fluctuations. Jonathan Leonard addresses the fear of running out of money in retirement and assures listeners that the principles discussed in the episode can alleviate this concern. Long-term care planning is also emphasized, as unexpected care needs can significantly impact retirement finances. Lastly, Jonathan underscores the current life expectancy in the United States, which is around 79 years old, underscoring the need for retirement plans that accommodate potentially longer lifespans.

Jonathan Leonard recommends a two-bucket strategy for retirement planning. This approach involves dividing assets into two categories: a growth bucket and a protected bucket. The growth bucket is subject to market fluctuations, while the protected bucket primarily serves income purposes and is shielded from losses.

The purpose of this two-bucket approach is to mitigate risks and ensure shared assets between spouses. By having a protected bucket for income needs, couples can rely on a steady stream of income without worrying about market fluctuations. This provides a sense of security and helps guarantee financial stability throughout retirement.

Additionally, Jonathan emphasizes that when planning for a married couple, the strategy is designed to benefit both spouses. Plans are created to consider the needs and goals of each individual. By accounting for the lifespan and longevity of each spouse, the two-bucket strategy can be adjusted accordingly to ensure both individuals are financially secure throughout their retirement years.

Jonathan explained: “I work with retirees and pre-retirees and specialize in the retirement planning process for them.”

About Jonathan Leonard

Jonathan founded Leonard Financial Solutions out of his strong desire to improve the lives of everyone he meets. For the majority of his career, Jonathan has worked for non-profit companies and in church ministry. Seeking a change of career while still passionate about helping people, Jonathan branched into the insurance and financial services industry to provide his clients with access to all of the best products available with holistic strategies to tie everything together into one comprehensive plan.

It is Jonathan’s main focus to build his practice based on honesty and integrity. He cares more about serving his client’s best interests rather than making a “sale.” If you have an existing policy or plan that already suits your needs, Jonathan will always let you know that you are in good hands. He prides himself on ensuring every client he meets finds value in investing their time with him.

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