Keith Hatchett, One Man’s Journey On “How To Live Your Life Like No One Else”

A. The Elease Project Charity –
B. GoInsurancePAL –
C. LeasePAL –
D. Infinite Banking – The GoInsurancePAL Way!

A. The Elease Project Charity :

The Elease Project is a uniquely designed charity to help people survive, thrive, and to make it no matter what circumstantial problems come their way through very difficult times, and has helped over 45 families already in a short period of time.

The Ten PALS (section) of The Elease Project is unique in structure; it consists of 10 different aspects of our lives. The Elease Project was designed to provide help with some of these problems/expenses that people are overwhelmed by.
1. DentalPAL- (Dental Bills)
2. MedicalPAL- (Medical Bills)
3. MissionPAL- (Homelessness)
4. PovertyPAL- People who don’t have enough money to pay their bills
5. MissionaryPAL- (Missionaries – Preachers)
6. AthletePAL- (Athletes)
7. ImmigrationPAL- (Immigrants – Families of Immigrants)
8. ForeclosurePAL- (Saves individuals houses from foreclosure)
9. AdoptionPAL- (Protects Animals – Elderly People – Children)
10. PrisonPAL- (Prison Ministries)

The Elease Project is the first charity that was ever approved in the United States that allows a donor to make a donation, pick out a specific person & their problem & the money is guaranteed to go there, all while letting the donor get a tax deduction off of their gross income to do it.

B. GoInsurancePAL :

Keith Hatchett, CEO & Founder of GoInsurancePAL, firmly believes he has the solution to “The Affordable Care Act” and how one can protect themselves from the bad parts of it. He has developed a system that lowers the monthly premium of health insurance by 50%, all while increasing the benefits by 100%.

In addition, his System teaches you not only how to get someone else to give you the money to pay your deductible, but also teaches you how to receive a large amount of money to pay your other bills (monthly expenses) when you can’t. These dollars are paid directly to the client/customer on a “Tax-Free.” basis.

When clients allow GoInsurancePAL to be their insurance solution provider, they will experience lower monthly premiums, greater insurance protection, and a personal guide that protects them from the dangers of being set up improperly in the world of Insurance.
• Saves 50% on average related to their health care premium costs each month.
• Saves in most cases, 100% on average, related to their out of pocket expenses.
• Have extra money that was being paid to the health insurance company in the form of a low deductible, that now can be invested into a tax-free retirement.
• Total out of pocket related to monthly premiums do not cost one penny more than what they were paying to the health insurance company prior to being enrolled in the GoInsurancePAL program.
• Receive living benefits by accelerating the death benefit on their term life insurance policies and experience the elimination of their out of pocket expenses.
• Need for long term care insurance is virtually eliminated.
• Need for disability insurance is virtually eliminated.
• Receive dollars on a tax-free basis to cover their regular monthly bills in addition to tax-free dollars to cover the deductible and coinsurance.
• Receive accident injury insurance and zero deductible dental Insurance that covers all preexisting conditions out of the savings generated with a high deductible.

C. LeasePAL :

LeasePAL makes apartments more affordable for the renters & more profitable for the property owners, thus eliminating security deposits & the need to collect the last month’s rent on the move-in day, and also provides renters Insurance.

• It eliminates security deposits entirely
• LeasePAL’s Insurance Program always saves the prospective renter 50% off their move-in cost as opposed to the traditional security deposit program
• Renters can invest these savings into a tax-free retirement program through their System
• Includes tenant Liability Insurance
• Includes a Credit Score Forbearance Agreement
• Boosts CREDIT SCORE thru unique OneTouch RPS (Rent Payment System)
• LeasePAL Market Scraper eases renting from LeasePAL Owners.
• Matches Residents to Properties
• Enjoy superior insurance benefits, including Involuntary Unemployment Protection
• Improves their Credit Scores with on-time rent payments
• Creates cooperative non-adversarial relationships with their Property Owners
• Provides a no-hassle experience on the lease expiration move out day

• LeasePAL costs Property Owners NOTHING!
• Increases Occupancy! (With only a 1% increase in Occupancy, it increases property value by $3,000 per unit. Based upon $1800.00 monthly rent)
• Owner’s Subsidy provides a legal way to pay for normal wear and tear
• Insurance reimburses filing fees at the courthouse for evictions
• Reduces the cost of master liability insurance coverage
• Eliminates the need for Owner concessions
• Consolidates HO4 renter’s Insurance
• Reduces administration costs
• Eliminates security deposits
• Insurance that protects against skips, evictions, abandonment, non-pays, and damage

D. How To Become Your Own Banker By Using The Infinite Banking Concept :

For the first time, two of the biggest industries in the world, “Insurance & Financing,” are being coordinated and perfectly synchronized by two of the greatest minds in the industry – Keith Hatchett and Scott Crutchfield!

Keith Hatchett, Veteran “Insurance Guru,” owner of GoInsurancePAL, has more than 25 years in the world of health insurance, life insurance, and financial planning!

Scott Crutchfield has over 25 years of expertise in financial services and more than 10 decades as a premier trainer and proponent of the Infinite Banking Concept!

The Problem: Americans are in trouble financially; everything is financed! Everything!!

Most people are struggling under a massive weight of debt. People’s greatest need in their life is for financing while they are alive; these two programs combined, provide their clients both an offense and defense, which is the winning edge in the world of money.

If you would like to learn more about how these solutions can help you, call 210-289-5996 and speak with Tom Chesser – PR Director.