Killer Run by Sherri Gallagher: A Romance Spine-chilling Serial Killer Thriller Hits #1 International Best Seller List


Chicago, IL —Sherri Gallagher’s gripping thriller Killer Run has taken the literary world by storm, securing the #1 position on various international best-seller lists. This heart-pounding romance and spine-chilling serial killer thriller has captivated readers across the globe, earning Gallagher the recognition she deserves.

In “Killer Run,” readers are on a thrilling journey through the dangerous world of a shy young woman who adopts a trained search and rescue dog. When she stumbles upon a lifeless body, she unwittingly becomes entangled in the web of a twisted serial killer. Utilizing her search and rescue skills, she must outsmart the killer and fight for her life.

Gallagher’s book has resonated with readers from all walks of life, particularly businesswomen who seek an escape from the intensity of their daily lives. As Gallagher explains, “I try to keep in mind who my readership is. I write for people like me, businesswomen who are traveling and are in an intense situation all day long. When you go back to the hotel, you just want to relax. You don’t want happy, happy things that are boring, but you also want to feel good about it.”


The success of “Killer Run” is a testament to Gallagher’s ability to create a gripping narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The book’s reception has been overwhelming. Gallagher expresses her gratitude by saying, “I’m grateful for the book’s reception so far and want to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey.”

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About Sherri Gallagher:

Sherri Gallagher is an acclaimed author known for her captivating storytelling and ability to weave together thrilling narratives. Inspired by her experiences with search and rescue missions, Gallagher’s novels often incorporate elements of suspense, romance, and personal growth. With multiple international best-sellers, Gallagher continues to captivate readers with her compelling characters and engaging plotlines.