Leading Exit Planning Advisors to be Featured in New Amazon Book Benefiting Charity

Mark Imperial, Publisher and Media Contributor to numerous Business programs heard nationally, will feature the Best 10 spotlight interviews with Exit Planning Advisors from his program in a new book benefiting charity.

Describing the book, Imperial explained, “This wasn’t a topic we could tackle on our own, so my team invited only Exit Planning Advisor experts across the United States to appear on my program. After interviewing nearly 100, we chose the top 10 interviewees to have their interviews featured in our forthcoming book titled ‘EXIT SMART: Spotlights on the Nation’s Leading Exit Planning Advisors’. The Advisors we chose demonstrated their passion and expertise and being advocates for the success of their clients and passionate about helping them succeed.”

Imperial states, “The charity will benefit from being featured in the book for direct donations, the publicity, and media coverage that results, along with a pledge of 100% of the retail royalties.”

Imperial continued, “An immensely valuable thing we do is we register each Financial Professional as an Author of the book on Amazon, which appears in search when their referrals or prospects research to choose someone to work with. Books on Amazon often rank higher than their own website, and they are seen on Amazon and other booksellers as Published Authors.”

Imperial said, “There is no fee for those chosen to be included in the book. We simply ask for a very small contribution to overhead to help cover editing, layout design, publishing, and the media release costs.”

Imperial went on to explain, “We are a specialized book publisher that helps Professionals publish their own books to educate their prospects, grow their businesses, and leave a legacy. These charity books are how we give these professionals the coveted published Author credential, gain exposure for our publishing work, and help a great cause at the same time.”

Exit Planners who are interested in participating in this no-stress project can learn more at: https://appt.imperialaction.com/mediainquiry