Lisa Olona’s inspirational new book “Cross Your Creek: A Determined Woman’s Guide to Becoming Unstoppable” hits bestseller

The brand new book by Fitness Trainer and Transformation Life Coach Lisa Olona is already making a splash. Since its initial release on 21st May, the book has already become an international success: Cross Your Creek has climbed up several of Amazon’s Hot New Release and Best Seller lists in both the UK and the US, and in 16 of these lists it has beat out established authors and anticipated releases to claim the top spot.  

It is little wonder the book is such a big hit. With the world in the grips of an extraordinary public health crisis, Olona’s message in Cross Your Creek is more important now than ever. The book is all about facing up to the unexpected obstacles that seek to hold people back, and guides its readers through a step-by-step process that will help them overcome the difficulties that life throws at them. Olona knows plenty about that herself. She has endured personal hardships from a young age – but she has never let that stop her. She knows that it is possible to overcome adversity, and she wants you to know that it is possible, too.

Cross Your Creek is all about undertaking life’s difficult journeys and coming out stronger on the other side. Olona has crossed her creek, and her work is dedicated to helping other women cross theirs. As a Fitness Trainer and Transformation Life Coach, she combines both life and fitness coaching to help set people up for life, with a wellness regime that is designed specifically for them. As in her book, her coaching is focused on helping people to combat their negative mindsets and make positive, long-lasting changes in their lives. Ultimately, Olona wants people to learn that everyone has it within themselves to find happiness and success – they just have to find a way to keep moving forwards.