Margaret Thorli Leads The Entrepreneur In Single Parents With Her Ventures

Margaret Thorli, author, entrepreneur, and coach shares her amazing journey of rising to the heights of success from a children’s home to an entrepreneur.

She is a multiple-award-winning ‘Mumpreneur’ and has also won UKB&IA Business & Innovation Award 22 Best Business Response to COVID 19 Micro and Small Business she was the award-winning of Influential Role Model and Mentors Awards 2021.

H&R Training Professionals is a charity established in October 2008 which turns around the lives of vulnerable residents in communities, experiencing multiple/complex disadvantages largely due to poverty, lack of motivation, and social isolation.

H&R runs an exciting training program for women, single fathers, and lone parents. The training will set you at the top of your game.

They train the parents on how to start their Business with zero finance and grow their Business to impressive levels or generally improve their career skills. H&R Expert leaders in the field guide the workshops and teach the clients incredible tricks of the trade that they can’t find anywhere else. 

How Margaret moves her clients from no, “I cannot do it” to “Yes! you can do it.”When Margaret set up her training center in 2011, she realized that she had to be honest and transparent with her clients because most of her clients are referred from the JobCentre Plus and local communities’ centers. 

Most of the clients referred to H&R training/workshops they have not worked for over five years.

Margaret takes her clients on a journey showing them how they can overcome their fears and barriers that stop them from setting up their Business, Upscale their business and supporting them to fundraising for their business by writing a successful funding application or applying for their dream job.

Margaret runs a “Conquering Your Fears Starting Your Business”; in that workshop, Margaret shares her story of growing up in a children’s home and the steps she took to overcome her fears, limiting beliefs and the practical tools she used to become a phenomenal businesswoman, her passion and enthusiasm to inspired women, lone parent and single fathers it has empower them to find their voice, and become the best version of who they are for the world to see. 

Margaret’s time in a children’s home resulted in her lacking confidence and self-esteem. Margaret faced many challenges and dyspraxia; she spoke openly and honestly about challenges during her business start-up training sessions. This training has moved her clients from No I can’t do to Yes, you can.

Overcome Fear in Business

  • Identify your Fear (s). 
  • Focus on your why.
  • Learn to accept (and embrace) your Fear.
  • Commit to Take The Next Step.

Upcoming workshops

  • Get Back on Track in Life and Business.
  • Conquer Your Fears of Starting Your Business and Step into Your Brilliance?
  • Online Masterclass How to Write Successful Funding Application Forms
  • Online Masterclass Starting Your Own Home Business with Zero Finance.
  • Let’s Change Your Life With Margaret Thorli
  • Father’s Talk Show Coming Soon.
  • Mentor Training for Young People in A Gang

“Success comes to those who dedicate everything to their passion in life.