Monica Rodger’s “The Revelation Project Podcast” Featured Guest Gayle Nowak to Discuss Healing Invisibility in Business

BEVERLY, MASS. – The Revelation Project Podcast welcomed certified SourcedTM Leader and Retreat Master Gayle Nowak as the featured guest on May 19, 2021 titled The Heart Knows the Way.

Nowak explained that when entrepreneurs feel uncomfortable about promoting their work, it often comes from a previous negative experience.

“When clients are uncomfortable about promoting themselves, somewhere along the line they were made to feel wrong about feeling proud of what they created,” she said. “Once they emotionally and energetically clear that, they are able to embody that it’s not about them; it’s about the people who need to hear about their work.”

Nowak and Rodgers also discussed tapping into the energy of presence and expressing what we are feeling in the moment as a way to shift out of perfectionism.

 “Getting present sometimes means I have to express what’s here for me right now that might be getting in the way of me wanting to do something perfectly,” Rodgers said. “Just being able to express it gets me present.”

With more than 30 years of experience in healing modalities, leadership and Co-Active Coaching, Monica Rodgers is an advocate for the full actualization of women. She is a champion for advancing consciousness and personal accountability through co-active coaching and podcasting. Her goal is to help each woman reveal her own personal truth, unique brilliance and inner power. She is also the founder of Little Bits by Monica Rodgers and The Earth Savers Gang Story Book Series, a contributing writer for Girl God Books, and has been featured in InStyle, Today and The New York Times.

Gayle Nowak is a certified SourcedTM leader and retreat master, creator of Sage SensationTM, online radio show host, magazine contributor, and founder of The Story Stylist, an award-winning authority positioning agency for mission-led entrepreneurs, healers, speakers and authors. Through her private and small group retreats, Nowak creates space for clients to find the message and story that best positions their magic and brand by courageously revealing who they truly are on a deep, soul level. As a result, her clients clear visibility blocks and show up powerfully, share courageously and promote their work soulfully.

Nowak has appeared in the Beverly Citizen, Boston Herald, Boston Voyager Magazine, as well as on dozens of newspaper, TV and radio news websites across the country. She’s also creator and host of Positive News Now and a contributor to TED-Ed, Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine.

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