New Book Featuring Bitna Castillo to be Released “She Rises For Tomorrow: Female Entrepreneurs Who Brought Ideas to Life and Inspire the World”

She Rises For Tomorrow is the latest project involving Bitna Castillo who has contributed to this collection of personal accounts featuring a range of global women who’ve took action to make their dreams a reality. This book features their stories of success and offers supportive wisdom and guidance for those wishing to do the same. 

Soon to be available, She Rises For Tomorrow tackles the issues facing modern womanhood like the perils of a monotonous daily routine and the fear of becoming trapped in the 9 – 5 rat race. For those who dream of making their own rules, running their own business and achieving financial stability from home – help is at hand. With 16 unique takes on how fear and uncertainty has too long held women back in the professional world, these brave accounts offer hope and results. 

The anthology format of She Rises For Tomorrow perfectly compliments the spirit of this book – that female unity and the coming together of strong woman serves womankind everywhere. The ‘She Rises 16’ are declaring no woman is alone to approach these problems as long as there are other women willing to lift them up as they climb the ladder together. Bitna has claimed she is all about ‘working smarter not harder!’ A self confessed ‘wifey, crunchie digital nomad mumma and a woo woo lover’ – her vibrant charm shines through in her chapter to teach budding female entrepreneurs the power of claiming self-worth and owning the journey, as it is. She understands how to amplify a message without resorting to ‘one size fits all non-sense’ and this spirit carries through the entirety of She Rises For Tomorrow, a powerhouse of 21st century feminine wisdom.