New Book from Publisher and Book Marketing Strategist Melanie Herschorn Offers Simple Success Roadmap for First-Time Authors

(New York.) For thought leadership and authority positioning, experts agree that nothing compares with writing a book. And, with the ease of self-publishing and on-demand platforms such as Amazon or IngramSpark, almost anyone can write and publish a book.

That ease of access has created something of a crisis for book sales, however. According to Steven Piersanti, Senior Editor at Berrett-Koehler Publishers, “Average book sales are shockingly small – and falling fast.” In addition to an over-saturated book market and a surplus of books available on every topic, Piersanti says that “most book marketing today is done by authors, not by publishers.” And, since most book authors are not book marketers, this means that 90% of self-published authors will never sell more than 100 copies of their book.

Melanie Herschorn, publisher and book marketing strategist at VIP Book Marketing and Publishing, is on a mission to turn that around. “With the recent shifts in the publishing industry that have lowered the barrier to entry, new authors can easily publish their books to Amazon and other platforms,” Herschorn says. “However, publishing companies rarely provide comprehensive marketing guidance, leaving thousands of new authors with boxes of books that collect dust and do not sell.”

 Herschorn, author of Make a Big Impact with Your Book: Author Marketing Strategies for Long-Term Success, understands this struggle. She works with non-fiction authors and children’s book authors, offering expert insights for building awareness and credibility with targeted marketing techniques, innovative ways to reach the ideal audience, and proven strategies to increase book sales. Herschorn’s company, VIP Book Marketing and Publishing, provides nonfiction and children’s book authors with the step-by-step guidance they need to sell more books, create brand visibility, and truly make an impact in the world.

Herschorn’s expertise as a celebrity publicist, award-winning journalist, and entrepreneur uniquely positions her to guide authors on their journey to thought leadership and success. “Both the publishing industry and the broader media landscape have become so fragmented that just the idea of trying to navigate them can totally paralyze a new author,” says Scott Detrow, weekend host of All Things Considered and co-host of the Consider This podcast at NPR. “In Make A Big Impact, Melanie Herschorn has written an accessible, confidence-boosting step-by-step approach that will help authors get their books into people’s hands, and their ideas into reader’s minds.”

“My first book was the catalyst for the thriving community and business I have today, so I know firsthand how vital the marketing component of a book launch is!” says Lindsey Schwartz, author and founder, Powerhouse Women. “Melanie Herschorn’s new book is exactly what new authors need to ensure that their books have longevity and make a real difference.”

“I want to help new authors step into their rightful spotlight with their book,” Herschorn says. “I am on a mission to support and empower professionals, consultants, business owners and speakers to truly shine a light on what makes their story unique, special, and impactful.”

Melanie Herschorn is a publisher and book marketing strategist with VIP Book Marketing and Publishing. With a comprehensive background as a celebrity publicist, Edward R. Murrow and AP award-winning journalist, clothing designer, and entrepreneur, Herschorn supports authors in stepping into thought leadership and making a difference with their books. She is a Certified Book Publicity Professional with the Nonfiction Authors Association and holds a master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Southern California.

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