Over 1,500 Attic Fires Reported in WA Last Year – Attic Projects Takes Action

SEATTLE, WA – Today, AtticProjectsCompany.com, a noted company based in Seattle, Washington, rings the alarm bell on the pressing issue of attic fires, vowing to fight this persistent challenge with specialized offerings and continuous community engagement.

A staggering 1,531 attic fires were reported in Washington state in 2021 alone, comprising 3% of all reported fires. These hidden dangers pose a unique threat due to their capacity to spread unnoticed, which can result in considerable damage and heightened risk to individuals.

Several triggers contribute to the outbreak of these fires, with the majority (54%) caused by electrical equipment, followed by smoking materials (16%), and cooking equipment (13%). In response to these concerning figures, Attic Projects has pledged to mitigate potential tragedies by offering a 10% discount on their thorough attic cleaning services.

“It’s deeply unsettling to hear these statistics,” remarked Nave Black, CEO of Attic Projects. “We’re a company dedicated to preserving the safety and health of attics and crawlspaces, and we’re committed to doing everything we can to prevent fires in these often-overlooked parts of a home. We strongly advocate regular checks and cleanings for these areas and ensure they comply with the proper code.”

This initiative illustrates Attic Projects’ continuous dedication to the Washington community. As a rapidly growing company, Attic Projects remains fervently invested in its mission to establish safer homes.

“Home safety and integrity are not individual issues — they affect us all. As part of the community, it’s our responsibility to protect each other,” Black added.

For additional information about Attic Projects or their services, please visit AtticProjectsCompany.com. They have a dedicated team working tirelessly to ensure the community’s safety.

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Attic Projects is a reputable provider of attic and crawlspace services rooted in Seattle, WA. With their team of experienced professionals, they guarantee that every project meets the top standards for quality and safety. Committed to home health, safety, and customer satisfaction, Attic Projects consistently delivers reliable and trusted results.

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