Patrick McNulty, Structured Settlement Specialist at Atlas Settlement Group, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Patrick McNulty discusses what structured settlement brokers do. 

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A structured settlement broker is a professional who specializes in negotiating and arranging tax-free injury and tax-deferred non-injury settlements for individuals and companies. Their job is to represent the interests of both sides in a dispute and help them reach an agreement that benefits all parties involved. They evaluate potential settlement options, negotiate terms with each side, draft contracts, discuss payment schedules, and collect payment from the defendant or insurer. Pat Farber and Patrick McNulty work closely with both plaintiff and defense attorneys and parties on resolutions. Both sides are integral for a successful settlement process and Pat Farber and Patrick McNulty involve both sides equally.

Structured settlement brokers work on qualified tax-free injury settlements as well as non-qualified tax-deferred, non-injury settlements such as workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, and other disputes.

Structured settlement brokers must be well-versed in state laws and regulations related to settlements and proficient in financial practices such as investing and accounting. They also need excellent problem-solving skills to resolve conflicts between parties quickly and effectively.

Patrick explained: “The services of a structured settlement broker can be invaluable to ensuring everyone receives their due compensation without any unnecessary complications or delays. Ultimately, the broker is a critical mediator between two conflicted parties, working diligently to reach a satisfactory resolution.”

With their help, parties can often come to a mutually beneficial conclusion without resorting to costly and time-consuming legal proceedings. As such, they play an important role in facilitating fair outcomes that benefit all involved.


About Patrick McNulty

Patrick is a structured settlement specialist in tune with the requests of his various clients using his dedication and knowledge of the business. After graduating from Arizona State, Patrick worked in the back office at Symetra Financial and assisted structured settlement brokers with different problems and questions. Through his work with Symetra, Patrick worked first-hand with different Non-Qualified annuity products integral to structured settlement brokers and their clients. Through his work with various non-qualified products, Patrick has become well-versed in all different kinds of annuities and structured settlements. Shortly thereafter, Patrick joined the Berkshire Hathaway structured settlement marketing and sales team as a senior account manager and serviced structured settlement brokers for over 10 years. Patrick brings a strong work ethic and drive with him in addition to his strong background in the structured settlements field.

Patrick has a passion for sports and movies.

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