Penny Chiasson: Achieve Peace by Letting Go of What Others Do

Penny Chiasson on Achieving Peace by Letting Go of What Others Do

How have you lived your life (as much as you can remember)? Do you have the maximum joy and happiness you always wished for? Are you in full charge of what happens in your daily experiences? Whatever your response,  the reality is that you control how you choose to perceive your life and the phenomena that occur in your day-to-day activities.

Your perception creates your reality. Therefore, the way you use your mind determines the quality of life you live. Every living human being has a hand in the direction in which his or her life moves, and the mastermind of all this is the human mind.

Unveiling the subconscious mind

The human mind is the seat of power that regulates how we allow things to play out in our lives. The subconscious part of the human mind possesses the strongest ability to bring our ideas, thoughts, and feelings into reality. If we do not make the choice to become aware of the power of our subconscious mind and harness it for our goals, it will create our reality for us.

Learning to think rightly is the key to living a good life that is not patterned after what others feel or think. Whatever you place on your subconscious mind consistently will become an experience you will live with. So, if you think about pain (emotional, mental, or physical) consistently, you launch yourself into a realm of depression and anxiety, which are both custodians of more pain.

When you face issues of life or challenges, you have the ability to stop it and make every crooked way straight. Through various abilities of the mind, everyone can easily achieve different remedies for different situations. You are in your own world, and the same thing works for other people. The way others live their lives should not be the benchmark that determines how you live yours.

You are in your own world

Although we live on planet Earth, we have distinct worlds of realities. The choices we make are a crucial factor that determines the differences in our worlds. What others do may have an indirect effect on you, but their actions were never meant for you. Your reaction to what others do around you determines what you experience in your world. If you feel you are treated unfairly, your subconscious mind will be put to work, and it will activate the stress response in you.

When people do things that seem to piss you off or place you in a bad mood, just switch to compassion and gratitude mode, and you will be surprised at the joy and sense of satisfaction you will have. One of the secrets to living a life that is free of others’ influence is to understand that we live in our separate worlds where our individual actions should not determine another person’s mood or emotions.

Learning to ask the right question

Living a quality life that is free of the influence of others is possible when we start asking the right questions. If someone around you has a bad day, rather than allowing it to impact you directly, just ask, “What causes them to feel that way?” When you seek an answer to the reason for a person’s experience, you remove yourself from being a victim to someone else’s reality. These things do not concern your reality.

Asking the right questions helps us to shift our perspective beyond the scope of the issues or challenges that we face. It opens us up to see the tremendous abilities we possess to make the world a place of peace and comfort.

Reclaiming your power

People who live according to the dictate of others successfully subject their inner abilities to create their happiness at the mercy of others. An excellent means of reclaiming the subjected ability is to ask the right questions. Asking the right questions helps an individual identify the root cause of any issues and thereby proffers an appropriate solution to fix the issues. Hence, the individual can run his or her affairs beyond the decisions of others but based on his or her own conviction about life.

Living by your choice

The greatest strength of every human being is the ability to make their choice independently without relying on others. For example, the effects of mentorship and coaching on an individual are based on the level of acceptance of the individual. Thus, you cannot be influenced beyond the levels to which you permit others to influence you.

Your mind is under your rule unless you allow your mind to rule you.  You have the power to dictate what you want to conceive. Regardless of the circumstances around you, you decide what you want your life to be like. What you allow to stay in, stays in; and whatever you don’t give attention to, stays out.

Taking charge and building a life of peace for yourself starts with knowing that the quality of your life is not a function of what others do or say. Rather, it is a reality of what you allow your subconscious mind to feed on consistently. By asking the right questions and making the choices you want, you will eventually build a life of your own filled with peace and happiness. So, the idea is to stay in control.


Living a peaceful life should not be based on what others do to you or don’t do. You have the ability to make your peace work and live your life in happiness. You can step out of the crowd and fill your life with peace.