Phillip Good A Rising Star with the Soul of R&B and the Heart of a Country Boy

The journey began on a fall day in Newport, Kentucky, where Phillip Good entered this world ready to create a massive impact in the world of music. From a very early age, Phillip was full of charisma and talent and he had big dreams of being a star in the music industry. Phillip’s childhood was full of challenges where he grew up without a father figure in his life, therefore he sought refuge in music and sports. He grew up idolizing artists such as Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Morgan Wallen, and Usher. They inspired the eclectic style of music he writes, produces, and sings. He also loves to play basketball and grew up admiring Kobe Bryant, this heavily contributed to his work ethic and commitment to fulfilling his dreams. 

As a teen, Phillip started writing and producing his music in the Cincinnati, Ohio area in the R&B and rap arena. He drew his sound and writing style from his childhood inspirations and personal experiences.  He then went on to release several songs and collaborated with various talented artists through the early part of his career. As life went along, Phillip began his career in finance in the car industry but his dreams never took a back seat. 

Phillip continued to produce and write music, and then came along his beautiful daughter Elena. The birth of his daughter reignited his aspirations into pursuing his dreams in the music industry. He began to write a different style of music mixing the soul of R & B and the heart of country music. His daughter Elena is also very talented as well, and is also an aspiring singer-songwriter making her debut in his song “Thankful”. Despite the absence of a father, he is a devoted and supportive father who teaches his daughter the importance of pursuing her dreams. 

Having a challenging and unstable upbringing has helped drive Phillip’s songwriting. He pulls his inspiration for his music from his life adventures as well as others to create an experience for his listeners that are easily relatable. Phillip also has a great talent for video creation and blending and mixing beats that form a unique sound, which is heavily present in his hit songs “Chance”, “Break Me Down” and his new release “Intoxicated love”. The impact of his music has touched so many lives worldwide in ways he could have never imagined!

At age 36, Phillip took a big leap of faith and quit his six-figure full-time job, and decided to move from his home state of Kentucky to Florida with his daughter to pursue his dream. He could no longer ignore the overwhelming urge to pursue his music full time. Therefore, he started rapidly releasing his songs on all streaming and social media platforms. He quickly gained devoted fans and followers on all fronts which continue to drive him to keep writing and producing more songs. It’s his creative style of music that has touched so many lives worldwide and keeps them coming back for more!

It’s exciting to imagine what the future will hold and how millions of lives will forever be changed by Phillip Good’s music. Even though he has only been at this full time for the past year, one guarantee is that he is on his way to becoming a worldwide superstar! 

You can find Phillip on Spotify, ITunes, and YouTube or on his own website at


By: Jenn Spiteri