Power Healers Share Well-Being Activators

Power Healers Share Well-Being Activators

Trauma Transformational Coach - Marcia TepermanTrauma Transformational Coach – Marcia Teperman

An expert in well-being and personal Transformation, Marcia specializes in helping people who have experienced trauma heal their hearts and restore authenticity through integrating mind, body, and soul. Also, she teaches people how to close the gap between their life situation and how they would prefer their life to be. Marcia is the author of Road to Recovery – A Journey of Physical and Emotional Healing.

In your experience, what do people need to let go of that they have no control over? 

People change when their discomfort with the status quo reaches intolerable levels. When you stay in one place and compromise your life’s dreams for someone else, it will create drama, resentment, regret, and trauma bonds. So you have to be ready to feel discomfort for the sake of personal growth. 

On your path of healing, it is vital to let go of your connection with someone who does not know the value of healing and growth and does not support your dreams. Understand that you have no control over other people’s choices, only your own. 

Focus on what you can control: you, your dreams, and your growth. 

How have you used your hurt and pain to change situations and/or help someone else?? 

There is valuable information that can be accessed when you allow yourself to feel your pain, witness and validate your hurt parts. When painful memories emerge in a coaching session, I work with my clients with somatic techniques that I have trained in and experienced in my healing journey to alchemize pain and hurt into wisdom and forward motion. For some of my clients, our sessions will be the first experience of being with a person capable of holding space to be with their pain and validating their experience. 

What if you had to instill three pieces of advice in a person for well-being; what advice would you give?

The learnings begin with yourself. Let’s take a look at three ways you can deepen your power. 

Relationship With Self:

Develop a relationship with yourself and with your body. Treat yourself like caring parents and friends would. Focusing on your body’s five senses and stillness will let you know its needs and boundaries. 

Your body will light up, and every cell will resonate when your “Being” resonates with ideas and opportunities. Conversely, your body will contract when something isn’t meant for you and when it needs to recharge. Nurture your body and mind with good food, good relationships, a kind, supportive internal dialogue, exercise, and everything that inspires and gives you energy.

Know Your Strengths and Talents.

Use them as much as possible in your life for your well-being. Your brain is wired to do things well in a particular way that helps you excel in some activities rather than others and to feel enthusiasm and fulfillment when you are using these natural abilities. These are your strengths and talents. 

When you recognize your strengths, you can use them purposefully and effectively to achieve your goals and choose work that is meaningful to you. You can see why your gifts are also your quirks and how you are so unique. It helps you understand individual differences and navigate change. It can help you identify your vulnerabilities and barriers to success and be more intentional in all areas of your life. 

Be True To Yourself: 

Let go of the projections and expectations of others. Instead, recognize and embrace your needs, desires, and gifts unapologetically.


Energizing Energy Practitioner - Brian MathewsEnergizing Energy Practitioner – Brian Mathews

Brian Mathews is a #1 bestselling author of The Gift of Hope and an expert at de-energizing stress, removing barriers that block optimal mental performance, and providing holistic options for success. As the President of Natural Bioenergetics Global, he undertakes leadership initiatives for global well-being and is an advocate for mental health. 

In your experience, what do people need to let go of that they have no control over? 

Let go of fear. Fear traps the mind into a fight/flight state, making life very difficult. Think about it; when we go on an adventure, there are many areas where we have no control. However, we have chosen the adventure, it is exciting, and we are engaged in the moment. When we experience fear; we trigger fight/flight, and we lose the ability to be present in the moment and get stuck in old unhelpful behavior patterns.

How have you used your hurt and pain to change situations and/or help someone else?? 

We have a choice to make when we have experienced pain and hurt. We can allow it to change us for the better or worse. I have used the pain and trauma in my life experiences as a source of motivation in becoming a person of transformation. I could have chosen to allow the anger and bitterness of the past to rule my life.

The years of injustice and significant harm experienced by those who were supposed to be safe and trustworthy could have filled me with self-pity and distrust. The physical disability and accumulated car accident effects could have been my downfall. However, I choose differently. I have developed a depth of understanding and compassion for people in pain through it all. I became a safe person and powerful resource for those journeying through their trauma on the way to becoming well.

What if you had to instill three pieces of advice in a person for well-being; what advice would you give?

It’s important to understand that the only control we have in this life is what we do with each moment. The past is a memory, and the future is undefined. We only have the moment. So make the most of each moment. 

Choose to live in a way that doesn’t cause harm and doesn’t leave you with regret.

Know that we experience life through one of two doors in each moment: Love or Fear. Whichever door you choose to access is empowered by your intentions. Ask yourself, “In this moment am I living in Love or Fear? 

No matter the circumstances, strive to live a life of love.

Life through love is freeing—freedom to celebrate achievements and acknowledge mistakes. Mistakes are not failures. They are essential learning experiences that provide us with opportunities to grow. There’s an energy in love that lifts life even in challenging moments.

If you experience life as something else, you’ve likely entered the moment through fear. Knowing the source of pain is a significant step toward being free from it. Remember, depression is about past pain, and anxiety is about future danger. 

Prioritize your well-being. Allow each moment to be a healing experience. It takes time to process the hurt and pain behind fear. If you don’t make time to be well, you will be forced to find time to be ill. Be gentle with yourself. 

Forgive wrongs done and allow yourself to be freed. 

Forgiveness is a powerful healer. It breaks the bonds that hold a person in pain by giving them the strength to choose. By choosing love, the power that keeps fear locked in your life is broken, and freedom occurs. Rather than be a victim, you become a survivor: a person who copes well with difficulties in life. Choose to be a Well Being. www.bioenergeticbydesign.com

Spiritual Life and Business Coach – Jennifer LonnbergSpiritual Life and Business Coach - Jennifer Lonnberg

Bio: #1 Bestselling Author, Energy Healer, Spiritual Channeler, Speaker, and Author of multiple books, including Embodied Grace, The Secret Psychic, and Thriving Beyond Crisis. She helps her clients bridge the gap between knowing they are a soul having a human experience with its embodiment. As a result, they embrace the entire experience and make the most out of this lifetime.   

In your experience, what do people need to let go of that they have no control over? 

The past has happened already. It is time for you to focus on now because you can never go back. A person should look at the past to learn from mistakes and let go of the past while looking to the future to create something better. Holding on to old hurts, grudges, and wounds binds you to self-sabotaging bondage. Forgiveness is the way to peace, joy, love, and empowerment.

How have you used your hurt and pain to change situations and/or help someone else?? 

People often accuse psychics of using their skills for personal gain. This is sometimes true, but since I realized my power, I have used my skills for the good of others. People’s judgment hurt me, but my ‘WHY’ of serving others helped me overcome my hurt. I realize that the hurt, pain, and judgment I received from having psychic gifts gave me the drive to help other women understand their gifts and learn to accept them as blessings instead of a curse. I have had the privilege of helping others in need and solving their problems.

What if you had to instill three pieces of advice in a person for well-being; what advice would you give?

In my experience, self-care, self-acceptance, and self-love are the three most important things you can learn to create a life you love. When you realize this kind of love for yourself, you can abundantly give it to others.

Self-care is crucial to be healthy and take care of yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. When you can take time for yourself, it helps you deal with your emotions and issues. It also allows others to understand that you may not be feeling good at the moment, but you can still function just like everyone else. Overall, it helps you be more relaxed and happy in your everyday life.

Self-acceptance is the ability to look inward for solutions. When you accept yourself as you are, including your shortcomings and strengths, you will not need to seek validation outside of yourself. Instead, you can accept yourself for who you are without judgment. When you do this, you free yourself from self-criticism and other people’s negative perceptions of you.

Self-love is the love you give to yourself for your own sake. It involves loving yourself and enjoying the benefits you bring to others while being proud of who you are and your accomplishments. Self-love is to take care of your health and your inner being. Then, you can easily pour it out for others when your cup is full.

Inspiring Energy Practitioner – Linda EasthouseInspiring Energy Practitioner - Linda Easthouse

Linda Easthouse is a #1 bestselling author, stress management and energy medicine coach, radionics master, and Natural Bioenergetics practitioner. She expertly releases stressful thoughts and dysfunctional behavior, helping people change their patterns so that they can become whatever they want to be. Her bestselling book, Pushing the Reset Button, has been sold worldwide.

In your experience, what do people need to let go of that they have no control over? 

Let go of believing you can consciously control negative thoughts. You can no more stop thoughts from appearing than you can prevent birds from flying past you. But, you can stop them from landing and making themselves at home. Thoughts are information packets that attach to emotions trying to make sense of them. Stop the negative thoughts by changing the underlying emotions that trigger old experiences. Release the stuck energy of past experience and change the story attached to it so the thought can flit through, be released, and fly right out as fast as possible. 

How have you used your hurt and pain to change situations and/or help someone else?? 

Because I had to be a people-pleaser to survive during my childhood, I could not create boundaries as an adult. That led to burnout in my 40s. I decided that I wanted to change my life. 

I learned the skills to change the course of my life. Not only did I heal, but I also helped people recognize the signals and recover from burnout. They develop resilience, create and enforce boundaries, and regain their personal autonomy as we work through their issues. They learn to love themselves enough to take care of themselves and consider their own needs equally important. 

What if you had to instill three pieces of advice in a person for well-being; what advice would you give? 

In observing what has helped me the most and what I have seen in 20 years of clients, well-being can be distilled down to three core elements. 

Stay in the Present: 

Take each day as it comes. It is critical to neither dwell in the past for fear that it will repeat itself nor worry about the future to prevent the unknown. Only the NOW is actual. Learn to stay in the present by noticing the physical sensations and using your body as a valued team member of your being. Your body deserves the same attention and care that your heart and mind do. You require all three to live a balanced, happy life. 

Let go of Self-judgment:  

Learn to be the observer of what is rather than assigning good or bad to everything. This allows you to flow through difficult circumstances without criticizing yourself or blaming others. Your subconscious only works in NOW, so pay attention to self-talk—the subconscious imprints both negative and positive self-talk in your memory. Whether you believe your words or not, the subconscious applies them to your program creating experiences assuming it is true. 

Recognize your value and needs:  

Your needs are equally important and more important than others’ demands and requests for your time and energy in many situations. Learn to say no in order to say yes to more important things. Consider your values, needs, and desires equally in the mix when choosing activities. Building self-regard, resilience, and effectively enforcing boundaries are vital in recognizing your value and treating yourself with love and care. 

These three skills will help you find the calmness and courage to live a satisfying life that brings you joy and happiness. 


Cheryl Hannah Expert Natural Bioenergetics Specialist Teacher and MentorExpert Natural Bioenergetics Specialist, Teacher, and Mentor, Cheryl Hannah

Cheryl is a very intuitive practitioner of Natural Bioenergetics who is able to help people show up in life as they indeed are, and she does it in a way that heals and comforts others.

She is a Best Selling Author, Award-Winning Educator, Natural Health Advocate, Doula, Wife, Mother of 12, Grammy to 21 and terribly busy. Besides working with clients, she enjoys mentoring new students.

In your experience, what do people need to let go of that they have no control over? 

Fear is the number one thing that locks people from showing up and doing things that give meaning to life. The mind will not allow us to be creative when we are in a state of fear.

Conversely, when we are being creative, we cannot be fearful. The trick is to stay creative. Fear winds our minds up and uses our brain chemicals as we circle round and round, trying to find a way out. Creativity, on the other hand, allows us to think outside the box to find innovative solutions that are not seen or accessible when in fear.

How have you used your hurt and pain to change situations and/or help someone else? 

When my life became unbearably painful to the point of suicide, I was finally willing to listen to someone who offered better solutions. My children were a huge motivating factor for wanting to change. If I couldn’t find a way out of my pit of despair and heartache, I had nothing to offer them for doing the same when life got too much – as it will for most of us.

Pain can harden us or teach us empathy for the hardships of others. It can lock us into isolation and loneliness or become the bridge that connects us to others. We get to choose what we do with it.

What if you had to instill three pieces of advice in a person for well-being, what advice would you give?

Get intentional about your life. 

Whatever we focus on has a way of expanding.

If you live life by the seat of your pants and without focus, you will get more chaos and unpredictability than you bargained for. This leads to a lack of purpose and meaning and overall dissatisfaction in your work, relationships, health, family, social life, and spirituality.

Find the right mentor. 

I know from personal experience that the benefits of working with someone who has wisdom and objectivity are necessary for making a radically better direction in your life. We have blind spots and don’t know what we don’t know. If we did, we wouldn’t experience the levels of

dissatisfaction that we do.

Stop being a victim and learn to own the results you have. 

Where you are now is the result of every decision you have made to this point in time, good or bad.

You can pass responsibility onto others by blaming them or your circumstances and thereby remain the powerless victim of them. However, you can also become a powerful change agent in your life by taking ownership of your consequences.

This one act alone can begin the trajectory towards a better life. It did for me.


Heather Holistic Energy Healer and Life CoachHolistic Healer Heather Janel Forrester

Holistic energy healer and life coach, Heather is an expert in providing the tools to overcome anxiety and recover from trauma without reliving the painful experiences that cause it.

She specializes in chakra healing and meditation confidence to show people how to become their healers by teaching them how to tune in and connect with their mind, body, and spirit.

Her process heals trauma at its core by honing the ability to understand and cope with emotions and reactions, deepen the relationship with one’s intuition and make problem-solving easy! 

In your experience, what do people need to let go of that they have no control over? 

You can’t control other people. You will be happier when you learn to accept people for who they are and how they behave instead of wishing they would change to fit what you want them to be. Focusing on what you love about others makes it easier to have relationships with them, and it takes the pressure off the connection. This also alleviates the pressure you may be putting on yourself to be everything for everyone else.

How have you used your hurt and pain to change situations and/or help someone else?

After losing my father unexpectedly, experiencing extreme postpartum depression, and learning that the love of my life wasn’t who I thought they were at all, all within a few years of each event— I got to a breaking point. My body was beginning to shut down.

I had a choice— heal or die. I have now created a group that is full of resources and tools, where I share my stories about hardships I have experienced and the things I have used to overcome my trauma. It’s a safe space where people can connect and feel understood.

What if you had to instill three pieces of advice in a person for well-being; what advice would you give?

There are many things one can do to improve well-being. But the three key pieces of advice around improving well-being I strongly encourage would be: 

Firstly, relaxation is critical

I know it can seem like one of the hardest things to do sometimes, but when you are in a state of stress everything shuts down. It stops the digestion process but impacts life as well. So learning to relax can be one huge thing you can do to change your entire life! 

Breathing techniques, meditation, nature walks, and activities that you enjoy can help you create a state of relaxation. When you are in a state of relaxation, you are in a state of creation! 

Secondly, take time to deepen your relationship with yourself

Build your intuition and your abilities to connect your heart with your brain. This will allow you to stay in alignment with your highest good and strengthen your ability to make the best decisions for yourself! You will be able to know who you are and what’s important to you with ease.

Lastly, chase your dreams! 

Know what you want to experience in life and spend a little time each day taking action towards accomplishing those goals. This will keep you looking forward to the future while also enjoying the moment! When you find your passions and spend time focusing on them, life becomes full of child-like imagination and wonder.


Terri Messenger, Founder of The Master Key Program and  Elite Crown Coaching SystemWorld-Class Coach/Trainer Terri Messenger 

Terri Messenger, Founder of The Master Key Program and  Elite Crown Coaching System, has been called The Original Royal of Royalty of fields Revolution. She revolutionized people’s lives formally in 2006 with a proven success track record of over 3,850 Case Studies using NLP & Hypnosis.

She is an onstage Presenter and Trainer and has a Podcast, “Terri Messenger’s Genius Zone.”  She believes that pain and sorrow can be transmuted into Your God-given Purpose. She claims that when people find their soul’s calling, this profoundly translates the past story into Your new Crown of Glory!

In your experience, what do people need to let go of that they have no control over? 

When people learn to embrace every part of their lives, they become aware that their emotions are the GPS radar to lead them to more significant learnings and growth. Upon this recognition comes surrender to the past pain emotionally, physically, and spiritually; this brings the dawn of new earth and the light of a new life that is the master key to unlocking health, wealth, success, and freedom.

How have you used your hurt and pain to change situations and/or help someone else?? 

My mission is to make a stand for all walks of life that regardless of where you have come from, how deprived or wounded you may have been, you have the right to proclaim your power and reclaim the life you deserve. In my own experience of feeling unworthy while growing up and going through much adversity with physical and mental abuse, I developed my mission to proclaim my significance and lead others to discover their zone of genius.

What if you had to instill three pieces of advice in a person for well-being; what advice would you give? 

Many of us self-sabotage without even knowing it because of the pain and trauma of the past. This is secretly driving how we respond to our relationships and our life experiences. You must develop the confidence, courage, and conviction to unleash your highest potential. Here are the three main things you need to do.

  1. Recognize that you need to step out of your old self to revolutionize your life and realize your highest potential.
  2. Understand that you hold immense power in managing your thoughts and feelings and learn how you’ve got to where you are and what might be holding you back or stopping good things from happening.
  3. Liberate yourself from the worries of what people will say about you. It is the only way to live up to your highest potential. This will rebirth you into falling deeply, madly, and eternally in love with your soul.

Goddess Yoga Healer Arkellah IrvingGoddess Yoga Healer Arkellah Irving

Arkellah is the founder of Goddess Yoga, a yoga and spiritual guidance business that offers transformative spiritual guidance, energy healing, and goddess-infused yoga programs that transform people’s lives.

Arkellah’s work reaches across Australia, Bali, and online globally.

Her great loves are spiritual coaching sessions, creating and delivering life-changing retreats, and her signature goddess training programs, Magnetic Goddess and Unveiling the Divine Feminine, awakening the natural magnetic powers of women. 

In your experience, what do people need to let go of that they have no control over? 

When you look outside of yourself, to others, to blame for situations or unhappiness, or to control others, you can get very stuck. You must look at yourself first. What role did I have in that situation? What can I change?  You will find it extraordinary how impactful this is. 

Starting with self-reflection, you create an opportunity to rise to a higher version of yourself and let go of controlling others. In this way, miracles can happen. A client of mine took this courageous path and, with guidance, turned around a traumatic abuse cycle into a peaceful relationship. She learned what needed healing inside of her, what she wanted in life, and what felt right. Then, she expressed that, and things changed. 

How have you used your hurt and pain to change situations and/or help someone else?

‘No mud, no lotus’ is a famous quote by Thich Nhat Hahn. The soil provides a fertile ground for the lotus to blossom. Similarly, the suffering I’ve experienced is a gift to me and all I serve. Knowing this instills such simple yet deep compassion. 

Through my journeys of pain and suffering, I have learned the courage needed to heal and rise. As a healer, you need to be that beacon of light for others, sitting in the soil with them as you hold the space for them and showing them how to be that lotus blossoming. 

What if you had to instill three pieces of advice in a person for well-being? What advice would you give?

The three elements of wisdom I find most deeply helpful to people are, honoring yourself, finding the right mentors, and committing to practices that expand your heart. 

Honoring yourself means taking care of your well-being. We have been taught that to help others makes us a good person, and conversely, to help ourselves is selfish, right? Wrong. In yoga, we have a term called Ahimsa. Ahimsa roughly translates to non-violence. When we hurt ourselves through self-criticism, self-neglect, inner harshness, and ignoring our emotions or numbing ourselves, we are brewing harmful energy that either presents as sickness or anger towards others. 

Navigating life to stay inspired and well requires support from guides and mentors who absolutely have our highest interests at heart. Let your intuition and good research help you locate a few of these mentors. Allow these relationships to flourish through regular sessions and allow them to close when the work feels done. 

Lastly, commit to practices that include body movement, mind training, and heart-opening. Your body needs movement like it needs food, air, and water. Find something that sings to your body like yoga, belly dancing, or martial arts. Commit to daily or weekly mind training such as meditation, to still your thoughts and gather perspective. Most importantly, find a practice that nourishes your soul, that connects you to your heart. Sacred cacao rituals in the morning, creating eco-craft, and connecting with nature are all beautiful ways to open your heart and expand your capacity to love the world and love yourself.