PROGRAM 15 Announces ProPlayAI as the Official Biomechanics Player Development Partner For New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series

PROGRAM 15 continues to push the game of baseball and its amateur athletes into new territories through innovation by partnering with ProPlayAI as the Official Biomechanics Player Development Partner for The New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series.

ProPlayAI is a leading human motion intelligence company that brings lab-grade biomechanics data and insights to users’ fingertips through proprietary computer vision software that captures data directly from a smartphone.

“We used to need a full biomechanics lab, or complex multi-camera systems to deliver these types of reports in the past, but with PitchAI – one camera is all we need to deliver an accurate biomechanics assessment to identify deficiencies, strengths, and areas for development in these top prospects.” says ProPlayAI’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Michael Sonne “Working with PROGRAM15 puts the technology in the hands of some of the top prospects, and we’re excited to be a part of their development process- both in practice, bullpens, and games.”

With the new partnership, ProPlayAI Biomechanical analysis feedback will be captured in real-time and incorporated into PROGRAM 15’s player evaluation model for select New Balance Future Stars Series events, including:

NBFSS Regional Combines
NBFSS Underclass Combine
NBFSS National and World Combines
NBFSS Underclass Elite
NBFSS Caribbean Classic
NBFSS Main Event at Fenway Park

PROGRAM 15 Founder, CEO and President of Baseball Operations for The New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series, Jeremy Booth, says, “We’re excited to take this step with ProPlayerAI toward better analysis designed to be used for player growth. It’s cutting edge technology, and this relationship continues our mission to wade through the noise and ineffectiveness of the market at large and focus on what truly has impact and longevity.”

Players attending New Balance Future Stars Series select events will have ProPlayAI Biomechanical analysis feedback included in their P15 Scouting Reports as well as their player profiles on PROGRAM 15’s proprietary Scouting Database, which is available to college recruiting staff and pro scouts.

PROGRAM 15 Scouting Reports are just one of the reasons Future Stars Series Scouting and Evaluation events have built a reputation as the most comprehensive amateur baseball player identification and development experiences available. Backed by decades of Pro Baseball experience, PROGRAM 15’s National Staff of former Major League and professional players, scouts, and coaches provide in-depth and credible evaluations that are trusted by Major League scouts and college coaches across the country.

Based in Toronto, Canada, ProPlayAI is a leading human motion intelligence company that brings lab-grade biomechanics data and insights to the fingertips of users through proprietary computer vision software. For further information or to see ProPlayAI products in action, visit or contact

PROGRAM 15 boasts a faculty and staff that includes multiple Major League All-Stars and World Series veterans responsible for executing the New Balance Baseball Future Stars Series, an initiative between the two organizations to elevate the game of baseball by providing amateur players across all economic levels an opportunity to reach their full potential through the training, development, and guidance of former MLB players, scouts, and coaches. For more information on Program15 and the Future Stars Series, visit or @program15bb and @ftrstarsseries on Twitter.

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